Who is this man? This is a very interesting question and it is proper timing for such a question to be asked.  Was that question ever asked before or did any person or persons had the opportunity to answer such a question or did they had the opportunity of identifying such an individual.

I want to shed some light and bring clarity on the identity of this individual, Mr. V. Nazim Burke,  a Senator for the main opposition party, as well as a practicing lawyer, husband, father and a Grenadian.

We all know that so much have been said in the past concerning this individual which does not give a true description of the individual in question.

It should be noticed that  is around a General Election the people are fed a set of lies against Nazim Burke.

This had been a practice of some of our politicians for decades where they get their supporters to make decisions based on what they are told and not base on the truth and this is something that we may pay dearly for in the end.

My decision to write about Nazim Burke brings me back to the last General election and even previous elections, when things were said concerning this particular individual.

This caused many of us not to vote for him and NDC because we believed those things at the time but in the end it turned out to be false.

During the last General election we were told that Mr. Burke was building a number of houses and that when he entered Government in 2008 that his house was up for sale.

The rumour was that he paid it off in government and was able to build additional houses. We were told that while constructing one of his houses he lowered the price on some material items that he needed and as the house was  completed he brought the prices back up.

We were also told that he took salary advances and many persons believed that including myself.

Now I know the truth that this was false and propaganda and was just the practice of some individuals.

I am now taking a firm stand to ensure that such a practice is stopped because it is not helping us, it is hurting us as a nation.

So if there is one thing we must know as a nation is to make the right decision, a decision that will not hurt us in the end.

We must know who is this man, Nazim Burke because there are people out there who labelled this man wrongfully in the past and are currently using the same tactics in identifying him today.

I strongly believe we had too much of this in the past that brought us so much pain and no gain.  So, I guarantee you that this question will be properly answered, you will know who is this man and you will be able to make a proper decision when that time comes because you will know who is this man – Victor Nazim Burke.

I will give more clarity on this man in upcoming issues in this newspaper.

 Samuel “Bosco” George

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