The death trap!!!

Ms. Arlene Buckmire-Outram
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Tourism
Botanical Gardens
St. George’s

February 3, 2017

Dear Ms. Outram,

Stop the Statistics

In this letter I will endeavor to be very brief.

Umer Rashid was 26 when the incident happened in April 2002

Mohammed Rashid was 18 years when the incident happened in April 2002Kareem Smith was 21 years when the incident happened in September 2016Travis Alexander was 26 years when the incident happened in September 2016

These were all young vibrant men of steel losing their life as a result of “PURE’ negligence on the part of the government of the day

When will we get this right? When will we put an end to this ‘death trap’?

The Telegraph a London newspaper had this to say in its story “Cricket Star and Brother Drown” in April 2002.  “Local people said that although the falls appear innocuous five (5) people have died there in the last decade. Despite the accidents there is no lifeguard on duty nor any safety equipment such as rubber rings or whistle”.

And there is a lot more that a quick search on the internet will clearly reveal and point out the lackadaisical procrastinating approach to not caring about preserving the life of people – citizens or visitors alike.

In this the 43rd year of Independence, I pay tribute to the latest victims with the direct intention that before the 44th year this matter would have been addressed accordingly and appropriately.

In anticipation of your response.


M. Nathalie Smith-Williams
The Bocas,  St. Paul’s

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