Nazim or Peter for Prime Minister!!!

February 7, 2017, saw Grenada celebrating its 43rd anniversary of Independence in a rather low-keyed and uninspiring fashion.

The two female TV presenters were very poor in their commentary. The absence of an assuring male voice was opportunity missed at a time when the nation is in desperate need of some hope.

Grenada celebrated its 43rd anniversary of independence as the country grapples with serious political, economic and social challenges.

The independence speech by Prime Minister Mitchell was the worst I have ever heard in the past ten years. The Prime Minister seems to lack the energy, motivation or passion.

An independence speech should be one that is used by a leader to inspire a nation unto greatness. One that seeks to uplift the people and give them some hope for a brighter future.

The Prime Minister’s performance at the independence celebrations shows that he is a tired and broken man and lacks what it takes to inspire the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

In the past three years the Caribbean has seen the backs of a number of failed leaders. Failed in the sense that they have not been able to make a significant difference in the standard of living of the majority of the citizens in their respective countries.

Kenny Anthony of St Lucia, Baldwin Spencer of Antigua, Bruce Golding of Jamaica have all thrown in the towel. Soon Portia Simpson of the Jamaica PNP will take her exit from the political stage paving the way for a new leader of the PNP, a change in my view that is overdue.

What all these leaders have in common is their backward thinking and outdated style of leadership that has left their countries worse off.

The Caribbean is in serious need of some young progressive leaders with the ability and political will to work across party lines and in the best interest of their respective islands and by extension the region.

Leaders who can work together for the greater good, putting aside their big egos and doing what is necessary to unite the masses around progressive objectives.

Too many of our leaders are engaged in ‘gutter politics’ aimed at self preservation and political power, grossly neglecting the reason why they were elected .

Nazim Burke, Peter David and George Prime are progressives with the ability and intellect to move Grenada and the Caribbean forward.

What Grenada and the region need is one decent political leader and Prime Minister to move the region forward.

Following the 2008 general elections in Grenada this trio had a golden opportunity to use their collective talents to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of the region.

The political immaturity of Peter David at the time paved the way for Keith Mitchell to split these three talented politicians apart by manipulating the emotions and political ambitions of David.

Having worked tirelessly to rid the country of the scourge of the NNP, Peter David became Grenada’s most famous ‘pariah and traitor’ having betrayed his own principles, Tillman Thomas and the NDC.

Judas hanged himself after betraying Jesus. David hanged himself politically in 2013 but is literally alive and may yet with a bit of luck replace Keith Mitchell as the political leader of the NNP.

Nazim Burke has matured politically since 2008. He has sensibly remained loyal to the principles of the NDC and Tillman Thomas who endorsed him as the political leader of the party. He has refrained from being embroiled in any form of controversy or corruption. He is a very credible politician with immaculate integrity.

When Keith Mitchell and the NNP go low, Nazim Burke goes high. He is a politician with high moral standing and a loving husband. Naz as he is popularly called is more than qualified to become the prime minister of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Peter David has jumped ship with the intention that the NNP will take him to his destination. He stupidly misjudged the political landscape and so he faces a serious battle within the NNP. He lacks the trust of many of the influential long standing members of the party. He is hoping that Mitchell will give him the leadership on a silver platter but he will get the surprise of his life in the upcoming NNP party convention.

He however may be the best person to lead the NNP into the next general elections given the tarnished image of Keith Mitchell after the failed constitution reform referendum.

That defeat will remain a stain on Mitchell as he attempts to fashion his political legacy. For a political leader who led his party to two landslide victories in general elections and with total control of the corridors of power, the failure of all seven bills is very embarrassing and reflects some degree of weakness on his part and he needs to quit.

The net loss to NNP and Grenada with Mitchell at the helm is too great.

David’s hands are tied behind his back. He lacks the political clout to make any political move to challenge and unseat Keith Mitchell.

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