Fundamental rights and freedom!!!

After so many years of enjoying and learning more about their rights and freedom, Grenadians are today experiencing a total contrast and something very opposite to that.

Could you imagine that the policymakers have trampled upon the fundamental rights and freedom of the people directly with the Camerhogne park issue.

Why have the people of this country been disrespected to the lowest level?

Now I am in disbelief when I attempted to visit Quarantine Point to see a huge iron gate with two securities standing guard and telling me that no one is allowed to visit the park on Friday nights.

I am therefore forced to ask-  who made that decision and he replied that the police and the Rotary Club have taken the decision to close it on Friday nights because of crimes.

So you are free to visit all the other days but don’t you think that they should also be worrying about crimes being committed on the other nights too?

My friends, this is a national landmark and no one should be restricted from visiting there.

If the police want to patrol the area that’s fine but it’s only five minutes drive away from the South St. George Police station.

What is our government doing? This is high-handedness and the citizens should not be treated in this way.

This is a government that is well known for not consulting with the people but continues to take  measures that make the Grenadian people feel greater hardships.

It is always a height of secrecy with them and before you know it Quarantine Point will be gone. People need a little space for relaxation.

I was stunned to see this other development bearing in mind what this government has been through with the Camerhogne Park fiasco.

I need to know what is happening in this country. Where would the one hundred thousand citizens go for recreation?

Our national landmarks must be reserved for the use of the citizens of this country. Do you know how many people visit this area with their families and friends?

Quarantine Point is a place where so many visitors from all over Grenada – rich and poor communities will go from time to time.

Grenada is 120 sq. miles excluding Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

Could you imagine that after all of the bad deals this country has experienced over the past seventeen years by this government one would have thought that upon returning to power, this government would have learnt a lesson.

It has not but continues to waste the resources on countless bad deals with so-called investors and failing to carry out due diligence while continuing to give Grenada a bad name internationally.

This is the same government that pledged over and over again that these things will never happen again but as soon as they return to power the same trend continues.
How many times Grenadians will allow themselves to be fooled by this government?

Please, if we as a people do not stand up in protecting our rights and the national heritage so that future generations will have those types of landmarks which should not be for sale nor negotiated by politicians.

I am seeing a very disturbing trend because those persons who are speaking out are being victimised by this government and that’s a dangerous trend.

Kennedy Jawahir

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