Time for Keith Mitchell to go!

The people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique need to rid themselves of Keith Mitchell, Chester Humphrey, Hamlet Mark, Peter David and the outdated NNP regime.

The resignation of Minister of Implementation Alexandria Otway-Noel sends a signal to the electorate that all is not well in the house.

The relationship between Otway and some elements within the NNP has been a very rocky one since she was Minister of Tourism.

Allegations are that Otway would be replaced as the NNP candidate in South St George by Nicholas Steele. This is in an effort to make way for the traitor Peter David who is expected to be the NNP candidate in the town of St George.

The million dollar question now is who will be next ? Will it be Tobias Clement, Anthony Boatswain, Roland Bhola, Emmalin Pierre, Yolande Bain or Pablo. It will be very interesting to see who the NNP will select as candidates for the upcoming elections. Would Peter, Gilbert or Glynis be selected as candidates?

Political pundits are of the opinion that David is positioning himself to become the political leader of the NNP and hopefully Prime Minister if the party wins the next election. This allegedly is part of the deal between Peter and Mitchell for the role he played in bringing down the Tillman Thomas led NDC administration.

Given the major failures of Mitchell throughout his tenure as Prime Minister, the country can ill afford another five years of such inept leadership. He is just not the man to lead the country at this time.

Elvin Nimrod would agree that it’s time for Keith Mitchell to go.

Mitchell’s recklessness cost Grenadians millions of dollars in taxpayers’ monies in the 15-plus years he has been Prime Minister.

Through his failed economic policies Grenada’s national debt rose from $340 million to over $2.billion. It is as a result of huge national debts that Grenada is now in the vice grip of the IMF.

The economic policies of Mitchell have been inconsistent, disjointed and incoherent. Having criticised the IMF, he flip flopped and today the IMF is his best friend. He was against income tax, only to place a 45% income tax on the back of the working class. He has grossly mismanaged the economy with rising debts and inflation.

Gregory Bowen would agree it’s time for Keith Mitchell to go.

This egotistical narcissist and his regime is all about self interest and self preservation. The unfortunate thing is that thousands of vulnerable Grenadians continue to be fooled by his ‘fairy tale’ promises and mammagism.

Clarice Modeste will agree it’s time for incompetence to go.

Under this NNP administration hundreds of Grenadians have turned into political drunks.

They have lost their ability to think sensibly. They are the diehard supporters of the NNP with Sheldon Scott as their cheerleader in his capacity as the host of his talk program.

2017 is the time for the infusion of a new dispensation. A new life.

A new leader to move Grenada into the digital age. Grenada can’t make progress in this ‘digital era ‘ with an ‘analog’ inept and incompetent government, lethargic leadership and MP’s that are out of touch with the people.

The gap between the rich and poor continue to widen. Mitchell has been able to create a coalition of the willing. This coalition consisting of certain big business, media houses, pastors, priests, trade union leaders and elements within the security are hell bent on having a firm grip on the country.

Nicholas Steele and Simon Stiell will agree it’s time for divider in chief to go.

Mitchell must go now so that Grenada does not become the Zimbabwe of the Caribbean.

Never in the history of Grenada has a leader and his party dragged so many people into the pit of backwardness, ignorance, and poverty.

The many social problems facing the country are as a direct result of the type of leadership that he exhibits.

Keith Mitchell’s legacy is one of victimisation, cronyism, nepotism, political divisiveness. social decadence, economic mismanagement and corruption.

It is therefore impossible under his leadership for Grenada to be a united country. New leadership is desperately needed if every Grenadian is to meet their full potential. Like the former ruler of the Gambia, Mitchell should be bungled on a plane and shipped to Haiti.

Peter David will certainly agree that it’s time for Mitchell to go.

Mitchell’s Grenada is on the path of Hitler’s Germany. Here is it an old man in his seventies keeping an entirely youthful population in servitude and economic bondage.

The youths of Grenada need to rise up peacefully and make their voices heard. Instead of living in hopelessness, get up and take a serious stance against their condition under this NNP regime.

The youths need to mobilise themselves in advocacy groups and pressure the government to provide the right condition for job creation.

Keith Mitchell and the NNP continue to hire scores of retirees and pensioners with high salaries, while thousands of the nation’s young people remain unemployed.

Youth unemployment is 60% and rising. Mitchell has no solution for addressing this youth crisis and so change is needed.

Roland Bhola knows that it’s time for Keith to go.

Keith Mitchell and the NNP have failed the youths of Grenada to the extent that they have become hopeless. Richmond Hill prison is overcrowded with young men as more and more of the nation’s males fall through the cracks.

The only choice available to the young people is to rally behind and support Nazim Burke and the NDC. The NDC has demonstrated their love for youth growth and development, especially in the area of youth education.

Despite the rhetoric of the Prime Minister that Grenada has the highest growth rate in the OECS, Grenada has the highest unemployment rate in the entire Caribbean. A manifestation of the failures of a man who has led his country for over 15 years.

Alexandria Otway-Noel has resigned, Mitchell should do the same.

Pastor Simon will agree it’s time for the PM to go. To God give the glory.

Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique is at the crossroads. Soon the electorate will have to decide what direction they want the country to go. Will they return an inept, incompetent and old NNP back to ruin the economy further or will they look to the future with a new leader and Prime Minister in Nazim Burke and the reinvigorated NDC.

The choice is clear. This NNP administration has failed and so if Grenada and Grenadians are to enjoy a better standard of living and a brighter future the electorate will agree that Mitchell and his NNP must go.

Mitchell himself knows that it’s time for him to go. He is desperately trying to reshape his tainted legacy but given his indiscretions throughout the years it is extremely difficult for him to do so. The best he can hope for is the forgiveness of the people before he suffers the similar fate as the dictators of the past.

Mitchell should therefore use this opportunity to ensure a smooth transition to a member of the NNP that is trusted by the Grenadian people. It may be difficult to find someone within the current team; however, for the survival of the party he has to do so quickly. He may have other ideas as one can see a subtle strategy of him creating a police state with the promotion of many of his most trusted confidantes within the RGPF.

The time for a change is now. Grenadians should rise to the occasion before it is too late. 2017 should be the year that Grenadians finally rid themselves of Mitchell and the NNP.

Grenadian Class

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