Developing Nationally?

By Clare Briggs DeGale-Phillip

Are we forging ahead nationally?
Or are we humming and hawing after 43?
This could be your idea or mine, believe – you – me!
But it would be no good, if we are not living as we are supposed to be.

By now we should be ready,
To dump all of our old ideas which is stupidity.
And instead contemplate on progressiveness and prosperity
Rather than behaving like bumble bees.

If we don’t, nationally we will perish,
And by now our lives we must begin to cherish.
Throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, in every parish,
We must refrain from living our lives in anguish.

Do you spend your money on things you don’t want or need?
And government has to help you with transportation and your family you
cannot feed?
Or do you live your life not paying back your debts,
And people have to get vex with you when they lend you money and have to regret.

How do we develop socially?
By enhancing and extending ourselves educationally.
Should we drink alcohol and smoke marijuana excessively?
Or do you spend your time liming on the “ block” leisurely?

How about playing pan, a sport or doing physical exercise?
This will make you relax your mind and not make your belly rise.
It is just as beneficial as working hard to boost your country’s productivity,
Which will create job satisfaction and build the economy.

Do you use facebook to “idle talk” and watch porn?
Or do you leave your neighbour or friend’s mind to mope and mourn?
Instead you can do an on-line course or read a scripture verse,
Live your life more to please the God in which you trust!

This country belongs to all of us, we all live here,
And what we do or say we must do so with care.
Growing, uniting and developing it with love,
This land we were given by the Father above.

Our government and people should want to develop our institutions,
Since we have gone beyond forty years as an independent nation.
All of us as citizens must do what we can to make this happen,Let’s become more positive, changing our ways of doing things which are rotten.

All of the problems on our hands must disappear,
As we approach our Golden Jubilee or fiftieth year which is almost here.
For this milestone we must grow and improve,
In all spheres of development, as an independent nation, we must
continue to move

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