Victimisation is real in Grenada

Over four years ago I submitted an application  to the Ministry of Lands and Housing to  purchase a piece of land to  erect my tourism office to further serve and  enhance the tourism  industry which I have been  serving  for the past eighteen years.

I have been providing the  tourism sector with a rich source of knowledge including  Spanish language, English Language, Russian Language tours, along with Grenada history, Geology, Botanical plants.

I am also versed in the indigenous and pre-historic landscape including sites and attractions as it relates to the Grenada tourism product, and have been obtaining the most positive reviews from travellers to the island  via the social media like Trip Advisor.

After applying  since 2009, it was approved in June 2012 by the then government. There was a Cabinet approval of 6,500   sq. feet of land at Frequente Grand Anse.

I have a letter of entitlement and a payment plan under the Crown Ordinance act.

The Lands officer went with me and pointed out the plot of land in the month of August which was measured five days before.

However , two boundaries were not erected on the southern end of the lot due to some proposed road thus leaving me in open conflict with some  lawless squatters who continued to openly trespass on the land inspite of the fact that many reports were made to the Lands Department together with the police.

I have been clamouring to have the other two boundary polls erected. Nothing was done by the Lands officer leaving me in open conflict with a squatter which subsequently placed me in a serious incident with that individual and the matter ended in the high court.

After making over forty calls and emails and followed up calls and visiting the Lands department, nothing was done until 2016 when the Lands office ordered the erection of the other two polls.

I started to make reports to the police on many occasions to enforce the law . The police went and see the plot of land where another squatter was cutting through the land as a clear act of trespassing on my plot.

The police have done nothing in protecting my constitutional rights which was compromised by the police.

However, I have written to the Police Commissioner whose office did in fact respond to me to find out what was happening since August 2016.

That squatter took his weedeater and  keep cutting for the past four months – he last cut through the plot on New Year’s day again while am still waiting on the police to issue a warning.

I went  in to the South St. George police station and presented my legal document to the Police Officer-in-charge which he acknowledged and promised to deal with the matter.

After not hearing from him for ten days, he then told me that his junior officers went there on many occasions but did not find him and he told me that he left a message for that squatter to report to the station and that was the last since I have not heard anything again from the police.

As a consequence, I have written again to the Commissioner of Police some twenty four days ago without a single response from the Commissioner office.

I am still wondering if Grenada is still governed by the rule of law.

Kennedy Jawahir

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