The mentality that has evolved within the RGPF

From just over a few years ago, I kept observing that the focus within the Royal Grenada Police Force in Grenada has been shifting towards open confrontation   between the subjects and their superiors over the issue of ranks.

While I do understand that every police officer will love to get a higher rank, equally so, for their own selfish motives, I am therefore blaming the politicians who are the main architect behind that level of polarisation of the force.

And these are the same people who are costing the state thousands of dollars in what are tough economic times for this country.

It has become a norm now that every time you have the promotion of some police officers, there are the disgruntled ones who are prepared to go to court to justify their claim that they have been bypassed and victimized.

And you know what – some of them you cannot blame them due to the level of victimisation that is existing within the RGPF.

The rank and file of the force should be emulated and promoted on merit and hard work. These things just did not happen over night.

Remember the dirty game of politics some years ago when the very police officers who was supposed to carry out their state duties as public servants in a non-partisan way, these police officers who were loyal to a certain political party were using their state duties to spy on a confidential meeting of the National Democratic Congress party NDC.

The same politicians have planted seeds of mistrust, hate, disloyalty, and news bringing within the police force.  Today one can safely say that we have a broken police force in Grenada.

I have seen NCOs from the ranks of Corporal being promoted all the way to Superintendent with no major experience – don’t mention the academic qualification because all they have to do is to be loyal to a political party especially the one in power. This trend continues to affect the functions of the force.

There is bad blood within the force depending on the choice of political party. You could be using your own state assignment to spy on politicians and senior public servants for securing higher ranks in the future.

The police force is not in a nice situation thanks to the politicians. Gone are the days when police officers used to carry out their duties without fear or favour.

We need a new policy direction for the RGPF. Look how bad the situation is – I can recall when Commissioner James Clarkson started to purge the force removing the bad apples who were no longer worthy of being police officers based on proven records.

However, as soon as this administration returned to power they brought back quite a bit of them even those on retirement even while we are crying out about the tough economic situation facing the country.

The worst thing is to have a police force that is not living up to its motto – to serve and to protect its citizens regardless of their political affiliation.

We do not need corrupt cops who use their high offices to suppress and deny persons justice by obstructing justice, and therefore ignoring your constitutional rights, if you are not supporting the same political party as them.

I am calling on the policymakers to take a serious look at the police force in Grenada before it becomes unrepairable.

In my opinion, if this trend continues we will soon join the ranks of some of the failed states in the world.

Kennedy Jawahir.

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