PM, victory is yours

I am now convinced that my beloved country is carpeted with a massive wave of deception. We are constantly flooded with lies and deceit and truth has no place.

My conviction stems from the discourse, particularly on the Wee Fm’s ‘Plead your Cause” program. It appears the Mr. Mitchell could do no wrong, matter of fact it appears that he is immune to making mistakes.

99% of the callers are in favor of the NNP and its leader and it is their democratic right to do so.

However, I am always flabbergasted with the said callers who furiously attack callers whose opinions about the NNP and its leader contradict their own. It is appalling. The last time I checked Grenada was listed as a democratic country, as Grenadians we can choose to support which ever political party we want to.

In Grenada, you are cast out like demons if you openly express viewpoints against Mr. Mitchell. For a second, someone might imagine that Grenada is communist.  The pool of callers on that radio program is blinded by facts, they hastily defend Mr. Mitchell and they expect all Grenadians to be supporters of the NNP. And this is where Mr. Mitchell’s victory lies.  It lies in their hands and in their minds because from their stance Mr. Mitchell can do no wrong. He is idolized as a god.  Anyone who calls out a mistake or wrong doing of Mr. Mitchell is viciously attacked. Supporters of the NNP come out with mouths of sharp teeth and tongue to verbally devour non-supporters.

How appalling!

And to those who are scared to demonstrate their support for Mr. Mitchell and his party, if you think you are spared of the wrath and discrimination, you are in for a rude awakening. I’ll use the RGPF as an example. A police constable who has a commendable profile of outstanding performance has recently been denied promotion on the sole fact that he is not politically connected to the NNP or any other political party.

I have spoken to members of the RGPF who continuously praise this Police Constable’s achievement, deportment and overall efforts as a police officer.  It is believed that when the recommendation for his promotion was submitted, talk circulated that no one knew where he stood politically. And as such, things did not go in his favor. This begs the question; when should one’s political affiliation take precedence over merit and performance?

Simple, whenever the NNP is in power. It’s either you demonstrate support for Mr. Mitchell or you will be stifled. What an unfortunate situation. The RGPF continues to be NNP’s playing ground, that party uses its influence to exude a tight grip on promotion. This should be denounced. But then again, this is easier said than done. And so, Mr. Mitchell and NNP continue to be victorious.

An analysis of our media landscape is a true indication of the political climate that has galvanised this country. At his press conferences, not one grilling question has ever been directed at him or his team on any pressing issue in the country.

The media people who are supposed to be fair and impartial with the exception of state-owned media, is one sided in support of Mr. Mitchell. Information is fed to the public without objectivity. As an objective person, I find it difficult to listen to prime time news pertaining to politics without being turned-off by their obvious bias stance.

Mr. Mitchell has the media in his hands, doing his work, satisfying his needs and that is shameful and for that Mr. Mitchell has to be congratulated.

Things are looking promising for the young people in Grenada. Those who are engaged with the Imani program will have a longer stint as ‘work for vote’ intensifies. And for those who are fortunate enough to be paid for staying within the walls of their homes, hats off to you.

Mr. Mitchell and his followers are smart; they always seem to have a manipulative way of winning votes. The youths of our country are trapped by Mr. Mitchell’s scheme. They are brainwashed into thinking that selling themselves short for a job opportunity is the way to go.
I find it hard to blame them when this is all they have ever known.

Given that Grenada has a predominantly youthful population, it seems as though the votes from the youths may go in the NNP’s direction.

After all, as the old saying goes, “ungratefulness is worse than obeah.” We cannot expect them to cut off their bread line. And it is for this reason; Mr. Mitchell has to be congratulated.

The sarcastic twist to this article is embedded in all that is wrong in our country. Since Mr. Mitchell took office in 2013, I am yet to see anything substantial enough worthy of credit. The country remains hopeless.  After the NDC was lambasted for a failing health care sector (rightly so, I must add), I had high expectations that the NNP will fix what was broken and improve on the few areas that were good.

I am still waiting. Our health care sector is in a dilapidating state and it seems like it will remain that way in my lifetime.

Mr. Mitchell promised “jobs, jobs and more jobs” to Grenadians, I have been unemployed for two years, I have been wondering if what I have been searching for is called something else other than a job.

There are countless others like myself who are pushed to the sidelines because of politics.

Admittedly, jobs are available, but only for NNP supporters. It should be known that political discrimination cripples the social fabric of this country. Growth of a country cannot materialise when only a portion of the country’s population is given necessary opportunities to do so.

As a victim of political victimisation myself, I see Mr. Mitchell, the NNP and his followers for what they are; egotistical individuals whose sole goal is to satisfy their self interests.

As the election fever approaches, I foresee a brutal campaign. If the NDC stands a chance at the polls I hope that their machinery is already oiled and ready for the fight.  If the party isn’t ready, it is once again giving Mr. Mitchell the victory on a silver platter.

The Graduate

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