Lightening thunder strike momentarily

I want to commend Mr. John Rullow who spoke intelligently and very influential on a programme called “Beyond the headlines” on GBN T.V a couple months ago.

Who is Mr.John Rullow? I am told that he is a son of the soil. I became acquainted with Mr. Rullow on GBN Television between 8.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m.

It was a wonderful evening to remember.  I heard with my own two ears this man chastise both Dr. Alexis and Ruggles Ferguson in a debate concerning the same Constitution Reform Consultation.

It made me wonder and again I asked the same question that I had asked before – who is this man and where has he come from?

I had already gotten a hint but I was curious and my investigation then led to who he was and is.

In any debate and situation like that on GBN T.V I think more of the same should be aired, I also think an invitation should be extended to Mr. Rullow to represent Grenada in any forum anywhere in the world.

Grenadians, you’re blessed to have a son like Mr. Rullow as there is something in him that money cannot buy. There is something in this man that must be nourished and cherished for life.

Mr. Rullow, I’m so impressed with your performance on GBN T.V that evening and as a result I’m writing this short article to congratulate.

I’m reading on the newspaper that comes to Carriacou once weekly that this man Mr. Rullow is visually challenged since he lost his sight some years ago.

It’s also my understanding that a programme that he is attached to and was receiving a stipend of two hundred dollars is soon to be stopped. Is that also true?

Is it true that the reason for this is because of the support given by Mr. Rullow to those opposed to the Referendum?

The constitutional laws had too many flaws and were not a straight-line – even the blind could see it had too many bends and various corners.

For people like me and many others we have to say thanks once again to you, Mr. Rullow  who enlightened so many of us.

I heard some degrading words used by a high ranking minister and I’m sure many other persons would have heard him as well.

Just after the GBN programme with these three men, two lawyers and Mr. Rullow, it took me some time to figure out what the minister meant and who was he referring to in a conversation with some friends.

It was explained to me then just who was the person the minister was referring to when he said even the cripple and the blind want to direct the Grenadian Public as to what they should and should not do.

It wasn’t until my five senses kicked in and made me to understand what this minister meant.

I want to end this article by saying Friends, Roman country men and lovers lend me your ears so that you may listen and hear me – Accident and sickness we never make fun of, lightening and thunder can strike momentarily and the next strike could be yours or mine.  Only fools laugh at their own calamity.

It is my hope and prayer that Mr. Rullow will visit us on Carriacou soil once again so we can all see and behold this brilliant and important man of Greenland Grenada one day soon.

Bob Adams

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