Cry cry baby Peter David singing for his supper!

For many years, specialised professionals have been staying clear from politics in Grenada. Grenada politics has become very muddy and brutal among contestants.

Gutter politics in Grenada has been around for a very long time, since during the Eric Gairy era. The country has suffered immensely from the many talents that often go to waste; this is due to the fear of individuals getting politically involved with a view to making a difference.

One can become apprehensive for fear of constant character assassination and mudslinging of individuals aspiring to get their feet wet in the political arena.

Deliberate actions should be taken by the authorities to set up a code of ethics by which all politicians and parliamentarians are held accountable. The common saying that politics has its own rules is outrageous and should not be entertained or tolerated by the people.

Many a time, one has to witness and condone all manner of shameful and lowdown acts by politicians. Today many of them are aged, but there are still no sign of change in habit. Many of them are still serving in the national parliament as the principal leaders and power brokers of the state. Had there been proper standards in place, those atrocities would not be allowed to go unpunished.

For instance, Peter David, a former Tourism Minister in the former Tillman Thomas NDC administration, found himself on political life support having to sing for his supper under this present Keith Mitchell administration. He and Senator Chester Humphrey were rewarded with senatorial positions for their role in helping to bring down the former National Democratic Congress administration in 2013 of which he was a part.

Disciplinary action was taken against Peter David and his friends by the delegates of the party leading up to the election. Reasons were failure to comply with lawful directives given regarding duties and responsibilities by the Prime Minister, and a blatant lack of support for government policies.

It is rather unfortunate, I dare say, when one has to live under a system of governance where politicians are rewarded for ill-disciplined behaviour and to make matters worse, is when they are being appointed to serve at the national parliament.

The composition of senators includes two expelled members from the National Democratic Congress in the name of Chester Humphrey (President of the Senate) and Peter David, two well-known critics of NNP over the last two decades. The constant rabble rousing by these two senators in defence of the government policies and position left much to be desired.

Since the revolution, Peter David has shown that he lacks the capacity, patience and the intestinal fortitude to work with any transformational team for the good of nation building before he attempts to take a bite of the cherry. During the budget debate he complained that he had no ministry and no one to send Christmas greetings to. Poor fellow, he doesn’t even seem to know where he is at the moment.

As the nation gets ready to enter the New Year 2017, I urge the government to draw whatever lessons there are to learn from the mass rejection of the bills in the recently held referendum. My grandmother used to tell me, “Own way don’t pay and Tom drunk but Tom no fool.”

Maybe the government may learn a thing or two from this simple advice. My wish for the New Year is that the government will listen more to the will and wishes of the people.

The issues are many – health care is in crisis, and there are just too many mishaps at the hospital. The persistence of the government to continue building the hospital on the same compound, against WHO advice. The issue of contract workers, unemployment, wages, pensions, transparency, good governance still remains uppermost in the minds of Grenadians.

On this note I take this opportunity to wish the government, opposition and people of Grenada a happy and productive New Year.

Finally to all my readers it was indeed a delight to share with you throughout 2016. Hope to join you again in 2017. May God bless you richly.

Jerry Marryshow

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