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During the airing of the GBN (Grenada Broadcasting Network) evening news on December 20th, 2016, Senator Franka Bernadine commented on her displeasure and discomfort at having to attend to her Senatorial duties during the lead up to the Christmas season; owing in large part to her assertion that as a woman, she was responsible in the main for the preparations for Christmas within her home environment and subsequently declared it onerous to attend a sitting of the Senate so close to Christmas.

As a working woman, I am offended by the notion on multiple fronts.

The majority of gainfully employed women, barring scheduled vacation leave, work up to and including Christmas Eve without complaint, understanding that this is a requirement in the modern world.

To say that Sen. Bernadine is out of touch with the common woman would be an understatement. I urge her to come down from her lofty perch and truly reflect on the lives of Grenadian women whom she claims to represent.

Equally troubling is Senator Bernadine’s assertion that women are responsible for the preparations in the home for the holiday season; while it may be considered a long standing cultural norm, we would not simply acquiesce to this notion should we seek progress in the advancement of the status of women in Grenada.

Given her background in education, Ms. Bernadine’s utterance of gender typical archetypes are most alarming and certainly cast a shadow on her ability to establish an education curriculum for young women.

We, as Grenadian women, will not rest on laurels of being a holiday maker extraordinaire, content to make fruit cake and ham – instead we work to ensure that our families have food on the table on a daily basis and our children be provided with opportunities to make their own mark on the world.

We do this with zeal, embracing our opportunities and challenges that come from being a participant in world of work. If Senator Bernadine is not inclined to do so, please step aside and allow a new generation to bring vigour and dynamism to the post.

Modern Working Woman

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