Hell for Jezebel!!!

Jezebel was the wife of Ahab King of Israel. Ahab was the most wicked king of all kings who ruled Israel before him. Jezebel his wife was not an Israelite; she was a Zidonian a heathen, Baal worshiping nation of people.

Ahab introduced Baal worship to Israel and Jezebel was his right hand woman. Jezebel was a wicked, evil, seducer, instigator, and murderer of a woman. Hillary Clinton is a huge supporter of abortion. For her wickedness and evil life style, God told the prophet Eljah the manner of her death before it occurred. She was to be eaten by dogs and never buried which actually happened. She was self-opinionated and controlling just like the women today, in our so-called free western secular and Christian world.

Women today are given rights and freedom that far exceeds and opposes the word of God by world bodies, Governments, Churches, etc.

Women should only be in positions of authority over men, where no man is interested in that office. Once a man is interested in that office the woman should step aside. God says man is the head of the woman and Jesus Christ the head of man – that’s God order.

Long time it was said, little girls must he seen and not heard.

That’s not the case today with carnival and other cultural events, sexual predators, phonography, “The Beast computers, the Web and the net”. Little girls unfortunately so are being made to be seen, heard and exposed themselves. There are moves to introduce carnival into schools.

Don’t the government and Minister of Culture know that revelling is a sin? Galatians chpt.5 verse 21. Yet they are pushing carnival. Abolish carnival! They are wondering why there is a rapid increase in crime of a sexual nature, you are only reaping what you sow Mr. Government.

Jezebel was pushed off the high place where she exposed herself for King Jehu to see her, and dogs ate her body leaving only her skull, palm and feet. That was the end of the Jezebel of ancient Israel recorded in the Old Testament. She still has the second death to face in the Lake of Fire at the second resurrection.

There is also a Jezebel of the New Testament, recorded in the Book of Revelations Chpt.2 verse 20-23. This Jezebel is very similar to the former, seductive instigative, immoral and even call herself a prophetess.

The very sad and unfortunate thing is that this Jezebel is allowed to prosper and operate inside the so-called Christian Church.

Jezebel being woman is placed on a pedestal in so-called Evangelical, Pentecostal and Full Gospel churches. Today it’s to make up members and money not caring for the character, soul and destiny of those persons.

The Jezebel of Revelation speaks of the church allowing women to teach and seduce the servants of God to commit fornication and eat foods sacrificed to Idols. God gave her space to repent which she did not. He put great tribulation upon her and them that committed adultery with her except they repented and kill their children with death.

The churches today have all sorts of Jezebel in them, doing all sorts of so-called ministries from Sunday school teacher, cleaners, helpers in food preparation, preachers, prophetess, pastors etc. and these women live dirty lives.

Just imagine a woman could leave her husband for the second time for over three years. The first time she left, she went for one year. She was told by a pastor then during a counselling session along with her husband that she had no grounds to separate, yet she left. This second time is the same and even less grounds, yet she is gone for over three years.

Going to church as usual and involve in church ministry. Not once any of the Pastors in that church organisation seek to have a counselling session with those people to resolve the issue. Where is church discipline?

Long-time people like that could not become a member of a full gospel church, much less seen to be given and taking part in church ministry.

A Pastor said she has ministry for what she has done, leaving her marriage. Another one say a thousand dollars a month is not enough to keep up the marriage.

What abominable teaching that goes around in the church today? What about our parents and fore-parents who knew what it was to suck salt.

When they had to make what they had do and still share it with a neighbour.

Jezebel must be made well off and comfortable no matter what. Even if you have to take the Mark of the Beast to do so, and it’s here.

A woman must be modest, submissive, reverend and quiet before her husband. I am not referring to a husband who is violent, abusive and brutal to his wife. A husband who is loving, kind, gentle, respectful etc deserves that.

Woe unto the Bishops, Pastors and Jezebels who are in the church of God and allowing Jezebel to run freely. Death will take your children as spoken of in revelations and finally the second death in the Lake of Fire for all of you and those who support you if you don’t repent.

Push Jezebel out of the church of God as they pushed her off her high place in the Old Testament. This time by strong church discipline. The defeat of Hillary Clinton in the US Elections by Donald Trump was a divine blow to the Jezebel spirit. Jezebel can’t steal “The Anti-Christ” stage, this is his time. Hell for Jezebel.

The reading of this letter signals the beginning of these things to come to pass in your lives if you don’t repent.

Derick Sealey

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