Evil man at the helm!!!

I wish everyone a Happy Christmas. In this season of peace, love, and goodwill to all men, we tend to put our worst selves behind and look forward to be a better person as we face a new year.

I thought we all did but the behaviour of Prime Minister Mitchell in his closing presentation of the budget was a wake up call and a reminder that evil still roams our land.

I’ve read through many comments on social media, spoken to many people, and searched my memory, and the overwhelming consensus is that Dr. Keith Mitchell has passed his best, is frustrated, tired and
insecure and is seeing his desire for a positive legacy slipping by.

What evil would drive the Prime Minister of a nation to boast, gloat and brag, that he had the power, and used it, to stop a fellow citizen from getting a prestigious job, or any job for that matter? And worse, to refuse to ensure that monies due to him by the state are paid.

One person said “To fire someone is one thing, to gloat about blocking someone from employment is amoral. Keith Mitchell is a horrible human being!” He was described by another as “deceitful, revengeful, wicked and just evil.”

The sad reality is that the Prime Minister appears to have no conscience and therefore cannot be shamed. What manner of man will stand in the Parliament of the country, where members are called “honourable”, and spew such venom, while gloating and sniggering and not be ashamed? His insecurity pushes him to try to destroy anyone who opposes him. He has shown his modus operandi; Nazim Burke is not the first and will not be the last; the question is, how many more did he victimise, sabotage or “punish”?

How can a man, holding such high office, sit with other regional and world leaders and not be ashamed of such disgraceful and juvenile behaviour? His behaviour is demeaning to the office of Prime Minister.

Who wants to be led or aligned with such thinking and vindictiveness unless they themselves are as wicked and spiteful? The other parliamentarians who found it funny or appealing and was laughing and knocking the table are in the same category. What a shameless and wicked lot, glorifying the disgraceful action of their leader. Is none valiant enough to have found it distasteful? Where was Tobias Clement?

Is that in keeping with his values?

How can anyone respect such people? I challenge anyone to defend that action. Some have said all politicians are the same; even if it was true, is that reason enough to accept such base behaviour? I don’t care if Burke or anyone did it before, a seventy year old Prime Minister, being a parliamentarian for 33 years, and who boasts about his belief, visiting Rome with his saintly mother, ought to know that we are instructed to love even our enemies. I am ashamed.

Further, Nazim Burke applied for that position in 2013 when Tillman Thomas was party leader, so in addition to his wickedness and vindictiveness, he also lied about Burke having to stay and lead the party.

What a poor example of a leader. What a disgrace to the office of Prime Minister. What a pity that a man can destroy all the positives he may have done in a moment of desperation. Is he man enough to apologise to the nation?

Poor Grenada, we deserve better.

The Nationalist

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