Why NNP supporters failed to support Grenada referendum

It was obvious on referendum day, the NNP support base failed to show up at the polls to give support to the government initiative. This has left a bitter taste in the mouth of Dr Mitchell and his administration, as they now try to decipher what had really went wrong.

The embarrassing results of the polls held should be seen as a warning sign that his supporters are not impressed with the way the government has been conducting state business. Ever since the last election, there has been a comedy of bullish approach by the administration to go ahead of itself to effect major changes in many areas, that can have adverse impact on the present and future lives of ordinary Grenadians.

It is unfortunate that a government that won all 15 seats in the national parliament deems it not necessary to have genuine consultation on pertinent matters of the state.

Grenadians have grown wary of politician like Dr Mitchell who for years has been using the art of emotional psychology and tactics to induce sympathy votes. Finally the populace is now waking up to the reality that Dr. Mitchell and his administration are not good for the future development of Grenada.

It is clear that the government is not willing to listen to the screams and cries of the populace to change course. This no doubt has resulted in the doing business climate deteriorating further.

The November 24 outcome was a nasty defeat for the government, the CRAC, the cabinet and other special select advisors assigned the task of reforming the constitution. The people have spoken emphatically on the matter, which should be put to rest for the time being. Now we have gone past the referendum, the question that now boggles the mind, will the voting pattern be the same in the upcoming general election? Can the NNP recover from all their misdeeds over the past four years?

However one chooses to internalise the results of the polls, the fact is everyone who voted on the day had seven decision to make on seven different bills and it cannot be a coincidence that the “No “vote dominated the “Yes”. My prediction is, unless the government does something drastically spectacular to change the minds and heart of the people before the next general election, the voting pattern will definitely be the same with similar results.

Now that the framers of “Project Grenada” have failed miserably, what next? Will they think up a more dubious plan to try and trick Grenadians again? Time alone will tell, but one thing is certain the people are watching, listening and waiting to exercise their franchise in the most prudent decisive way possible.

Jerry Marryshow

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