Total disregard from Grenlec

I am writing as a Grenadian Citizen who is fed-up with what I regard as Grenlec (the electricity monopoly supplier in Grenada) total’s disregard for the environment in terms of carbon footprint and community safety.

You may recall how this company was quick to defend its monopoly position when the elected government with a mandate may I stress introduced the new Electricity Bill (2016), which quite rightly seeks to break the company’s 80-year monopoly.

The company’s hierarchies and their friends such as Senator Nazim Burke and colleague Senator Bernadine were in uproar. While the company put out full page glossy adverts telling us how it has served the government and people well, it never once told us that their charges for electrical energy is one of the highest if not the highest in the English speaking Caribbean.

This company has been ripping Grenadians off for years – make no mistake about it.

In the meantime Mr. Burke and Mrs. Bernadine as usual seized the opportunity to attack the government; never mind us the poor consumers with no choice whatsoever having to pay in the nose for our electrical supply.

People who suppose to be our representatives in the Senate and being paid by us (the people) showed total disregard to our plight by defending Grenlec’s monopoly. Surely this cannot be right?

I have as a responsible member of the public emailed Grenlec three times over the past fifteen months about a street light in Radix Avenue, Radix; that is switched on 24/7 and their mains third party cable that is hanging so low.

The cable is resting on my hedge and to date I have had no response from this company in terms of acknowledgement or physical evidence that the street light is repaired or the cable is lifted off my hedge.

I first wrote to the company in the autumn of last year and again in the spring of this year and as recent as three weeks ago about the same problem and on all three occasions the company has failed to act.

This is a company according to past advertisements; it prides itself on supporting the communities. Well, in Radix we are still waiting to see the company pride itself on improving the carbon footprint and lifting its cables to a safe and acceptable height.

In my case so our hedge can be pruned without having to worry about damaging Grenlec’s property.

Winston Strachan

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