Litter is a growing problem!!!

We have been coming to the Caribbean for 33 years, the last eight in Grenada. We are saddened to see so much litter clogging the roadside ditches with plastic bags and polystyrene containers.

Although the modern trend is for takeaway meals in these containers, it is possible for these to be disposed of in proper receptacles or taken home for disposal.

As for plastic bags being a problem, this can be avoided by customers in shops and supermarkets re-using the bags they have or being charged 50 cents for every new one.

Statistics show that this has resulted in an 80%-85% reduction in the use of plastic bags, with retailers benefiting from the reduced expense of buying large quantities.

Some have even shown their generosity by donating the savings to various charities in the community: a win-win situation for everyone – a beautiful litter-free countryside plus helpful donations within the community.

We should hate to see tourists in the Caribbean going home with the wrong impression.  All it takes is a little thoughtfulness.

Jean & Andy Black

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