Police shooting too much of the mentally ill!

Not too long ago, I wrote on the mentally ill persons in Grenada who have become very vulnerable to police gunshot through no fault of theirs.

For a state apparatus that was established so many years ago, they should have been better prepared to deal with mentally challenged persons.

Could  you imagine that the police still have to be called to go and deal with the mentally ill persons whenever they get a call  in this country.

The police have very little or no form of training to help these mentally sick persons.  Does anybody care?

What do you expect when one is insane – he or she will react differently because they are not normal. Why can’t the appropriate ministry get involved and have trained professionals to deal with these persons rather than having to pump bullets into their bodies.

Do you think it is only now that I keep hearing that mentally ill persons will no longer have to face the police whenever they are ill.

Today that same  trend continues  – is like it’s better to kill them than to treat them. We are not acting like a civilised nation, we are not proactive we only react when things happen.

The first thing the Americans gave us was a big mental home in Mt. Gay and that’s because they have mistakenly bombed the mental home  at Richmond Hill  in 1983 killing twenty-two mentally ill patients.

This is a human rights  issue and no one should be killed because you are mentally ill. All these people need is to be cared for. I have observed for so long that we have  all kinds of policies in place but nothing to protect these insane persons.

I am calling on the High Command  of the police and more so the government and the policy makers to please hire the right type of professionals to train the police  force. Not even a tranquiliser gun where you can subdue them so you can over power them or slow them down.

Another disturbing development is like there are no Sharpshooters in RGPF. Every time there is a shooting involving the mentally ill, it is deadly. Why can’t they shoot the lower parts if they really have to shoot and hurt their legs where they can be subdued since they will most likely not die.

These mentally insane persons are not conscious of what they are doing.

Kennedy Jawahir

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