Open Letter to the Commissioner of Police

I am a visitor from the U.K with Grenada Parentage.

I would like to know if the Department in the Royal Grenada Police Force is called Criminal Investigation Department or Criminal (En) Incouraging Department.

I hope my Aunt won’t be victimised after this letter is printed as she will only know about it by reading the papers.

My Aunt is a Business Woman in the South of the Island. She was a victim of robbery twice in a short space of time and now she is a victim of the Officers who are supposed to investigate both incidents.

First, she was robbed of some coconuts by a career thief who is in and out of jail quite frequent.    Thousands of dollars were spent to protect her property from that thief.  Even razor wire was placed in areas where he can find his way through the fence.

One day, he almost got caught, leaving behind his Chinese chopper and a pair of slippers.  Do you imagine our dismay when that said thief came walking into her Business stating that an Officer J… sent him to her to apologise and pay for the items, and what was unbelievable is that
the Officer was unapologetic about his actions.

A week or so later my Aunt was a victim again.  The Detective came immediately and the Officer from CRO, and then that was the end of the Detective investigation about the robbery.

One week passed before a certain Detective contacted my Aunt and it was only because she (my Aunt) contacted Inspector Antoine, head of South St. George Police Station who is a true Professional that there was some action.

The Detective came with a male colleague who took my Aunt’s two workers to be fingerprinted.  I heard the Detective telling my Aunt that she will call her back with the cell phone number to have her finger printed.  WE ARE STILL WONDERING WHAT THESE NUMBERS ARE. NO NUMBERS YET!!!!!STILL WAITING!!!!

Tired of waiting, my Aunt took herself to the CRO to get her prints done.  She said she called the Detective to find out why she didn’t receive a call from her.

She was told that she (the Detective was busy so she could not call, THAT WAS A WHOLE WEEK LATER.

Sir, I am wondering if that report is really in the Police Station or was thrown away, and if these Officers are encouraging crime.  Or if some citizens get preferential treatment over others or even foreigners get preferential treatment over citizens and I have examples.

An officer made a statement to my Aunt that she is looking down on vagrant, without even knowing my Aunt.  I will like him to talk to the people who know her to find out the contribution she made to her community.

Sir, you cannot meet a more dedicated Community Activist, real selfless hard worker who expects absolutely nothing in return.

The problem in Grenada is that people only pay attention to certain sectors of the society, while the ones that are doing the work do not get any recognition.

I believe that more serious robbery could be solved if quick and thorough investigation was done.  If you have one bad child, everyone thinks that you are a bad parent.

The South is the Tourist Belt.  A crime against one person is a crime against everyone and everyone looks at the Professionalism of Law Enforcement Officers and people will talk on the Airplane, on the Train.




She needs your help

Kwaku Sackey

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