No need for high unemployment

Three-and-a half years after the last general election, we should not be arguing in this place about high unemployment.

The Green jersey people and the Yellow folks are beating up on one another on the rate of unemployment in the country.

NNP is saying that when they came back in office they met unemployment at 40 percent but NDC is saying that is not true.

Every day on the call-in programmes, the green and yellow folks are throwing words at each other on the level of unemployment.

As I see it this should be a thing of the past based on what my MP, Oliver Joseph was saying in the campaign for the 2013 general election.

I am so disappointed with this man that he cannot get my vote again.

The man was telling us that he had the answer and we believed him because he came back from  a big-paying job in Barbados.

Mr. Joseph was saying all over the place that the problem is that NDC did not know how to grow the economy in order to provide jobs and to put more disposable income in the hands of the people.

The man was moving from village to village in St. David’s preaching that NNP had the investors lined up and waiting to come in to do business.

As soon as the election was over, Dr. Patrick Antoine was telling all who had ears to come with your cheque book because NNP was back in office and ready to do business with all and sundry.

Dr. Pat was singing from the same hymn book like Oliver Joseph – the investors who were lined up will be coming in and work will flow like peas.

As I see it the only investor who came was the man from Egypt who is now building the Silver Sands. Mr. Joseph – where are the other foreign investors that NNP promised in 2013? I ain’t see none in St. David’s  which is now running competition with St. Patrick’s as the poorest and most deprived parish in the country.

By the way Mr. Joseph, can you remember the Prime Minister saying that the investors were there lined up but he was bringing them in a phased manner because if they all come together they will only heat up the economy and that was not good.

Mr. Joseph, when you go to the next Cabinet meeting please tell Dr. Mitchell to let loose the promised investors and to heat up the economy because the thousands of school children who left school this year are looking for the projects from the investors to get work.

The children are not looking for construction work but something to do in keeping with the subjects passed in school.

NNP will only get my vote again if they let loose the investors, give the children the tablets and laptops as promised and roll back all these taxes which have left us with no disposable income in our pockets.

NNP reminds me of Hurricane Ivan – ravages all over the place. No one has been able to escape the Structural Adjustment Programme and high and high taxes as never seen before.

I grew up in a NNP home and learnt how to hate NDC and Nazim Burke.
NDC paid salaries late a few times but Uncle Tilly and Nazim Burke did not put so many taxes on us.

I want the Prime Minister to know that we are not interested in constitutional reform because that is not putting food on the table.

NNP, we need work and we need work fast. Stop talking about unemployment being 25, 30 and 40% and 50% among the youth and roll out the jobs right about now.

I am a free man and a thinker on my own and my parents will not be able next time around to influence me on whom to vote for in the election that is coming.

Bicycle Man

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