Long live the Spirit of Kevin

By George Radgman

Jerome “Kevin” Pierre was a great man in his days
He had done positive things to help people in various ways
His fierce-less love was genuine charity
He supported the community generally.

A prominent scientific mechanic
known as the Doctor of alternators
Attended to vehicles that were sick
And other sociological factors.

His practical messages were so plain and clear
Giving to people with special care
Supporting others of burdens to bear
With full consciousness year after year.

The fight of Herbert Blaize against Gairy was not enough
The revolutionary mind of Kevin was very tough
Quick to identify the wickedness of Gairy

His for Maurice Bishop was significant
Kevin was in charge of the Logistics Office in the Revolution
The Americans came and tied up his hands
When the Revolution came tumbling down.

Without compensation of a single cent
Yet for all Kevin remained innocent
With the love of Grenada on his mind
That was a true meaning revolutionary man.

When he spoke about Grenadian politics people listened to him attentively,
His gesticulation brought expressions emphatically,
He continued to do his mechanical work properly,
with intellectual efficiency,

Whoever tried to oppose him hypocritically,
Did not have the facts to convince him sufficiently.

Kevin died close to the date of Emancipation
We were left with eager anticipation
Having to face much confrontation
With God’s help we can manipulate such situation.

Women were always his friends, whether old or young
His children grew powerful and strong
His memory will always live on
Our love for Kevin can never be wrong.

His memory will be cherished
By family and friends
By his inspirations, we will be nourished,
For future generations never end.
Long live the Spirit of Cde. Bro Jerome Kevin Pierre!

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