Iguanas for so!!!

And the emails and phone calls just keep on coming. It was not too long ago that Grenadians and other Caribbeans around the world had been steadfastly supporting Kirani, and with just a second place finish in Rio a number of them are jumping ship and changing their colours like an iguana under attack.

I knew he was a fluke some are openly saying on the phone in the streets and social gatherings, while others dug in low shouting that he should fire his coach and send an SOS for Francique with whom he should have been with in the first place.

With just his third loss in a series of high level meets they are looking for someone to place a finger in the dike, and when his fourth defeat comes along, believe me RIVERS, WHITE JACK, CLARKE’S COURT and the various brands of MOUNTAIN DEW is sure to sell out in Grenada and the Diaspora.

The big million dollar question should be was he physically and mentally prepared for Rio like London in 2012 where he took the gold, even though one good for nothing Grenadian allegedly went there hoping to see him lose.

You may not understand that Kirani is carrying a heavy load whenever he enters a race knowing very well how demanding and turn coat that some of his own so-called supporters can be at home and abroad.

I am in full support for a move to Francique who is undoubtedly the best and most experienced active Grenadian coach today and who has been proving himself year after year with his team at Texas A&M University.

It’s my belief that Kirani’s current coach is honest and genuine and did his best to take him to the level where he is presently and undoubtedly being rated one of the best in the world today, but the time has come for a change to get to the next level. Some of you are going to say that he should remain committed, but in the corporate world one can’t be too complacent.

While you begin to debate under the Caribbean sunshine, take a page from the pro leagues and college circuit where millions are at stake, and where when you begin to fail you can expect your walking papers.

Don’t get caught up with good public speakers who can tell you what you want to hear, and also what they want you to hear to avoid making critical decisions.

Now is the time that every Grenadian should be in Kirani’s corner with reinforcement and not abandoning him because of a loss.  He is a son of the soil and could have been a relative of yours keeping the country Grenada name in lights.

With Bolt and Allison Felix gone, and Gatlin and Merritt slowly inching down the other side of the hill like a mud slide in White Gun, the attention is going to be on Kirani and Van Niekerik to keep the light shining on the discipline, and should Rondell Bartholomew another brilliant athlete now making his way back from an injury get his act together, then the world would be in for some excitement.

Now is the time for us all to show them that we care, and always remember that they all can’t be winners while we give them our fullest support.

Mike Raffie Knowles Mc Quilkin

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