By Clare D Briggs

September  5th this term starts,
You teachers and students are called upon to use your heads, hands and hearts,
To build this beautiful country of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique,
As you aim to develop your talents and skills….
Love and care for each other because God’s blessings you must seek.

Every day begins with a Prayer,
Think about classmates who can’t work hard as you; or lack effort to do their work with care.
Always be an example for others to follow in one way or another,
When in doubt; don’t give up; turn your back on someone, get angry or your shoulder you must shudder!

Instead calm down, spend a few moments and think about the situation,
Shouldn’t I be more confident, re-think the process, consult someone or ask the teacher a question?
Surely this is a better way,
To overcome problems and be inspirational, day by day!

Some of you may learn how to say ABC and count one, two, three,
The learning of English Language and Literature, Mathematics, History and Poetry.
Whatever you are learning do your best,
Because you know that sometimes ‘Miss and Sir’ would be coming with their test.

I know that some of you are looking to Sports and Physical Education,
You want to be like our athletes who, for the Olympics, represented this Nation.
Grenada is counting on you too,
Everything you do at school every day should add stamina as you create a better “you”!

So work hard, play hard and do the things you are required,
In the way you are instructed and guided by your teachers, so that you will be “high fliers”.
Then and only then, your parents and teachers will be proud of you,
Your happiness will be guaranteed and your country’s future will be solidly built up too!

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