The Master in St. George South-east

Friends, countrymen, Grenadians men of my own country greetings.

Today you are going to read about three rejected servants together with one called Papa, the white suit.

Now Papa White suit hails from the big Parish. Here are the names of the rejected servants – the wheelbarrow driver, the Chain-saw carrier and loud mouth weed-eater man.

It was Thursday 4th August 2016, I was passing Grand Bras on my way to Forde, I saw a gathering in an area where construction work was happening and as I got closer I saw Papa white suit and Loudmouth battling it out with words.

Papa white suit had the better of it, he gave loud mouth hell as the people would say.

He said to loudmouth, “you break up the Labour Party, you used to run your mouth on me, look at you today with a weedeater on your shoulder, walking up and down looking for work. I am sure you walked about 5 miles and you did not get anything, you might not be able to put pot on fire today”.

Those fellows should be ashamed, you stood for them with your mouth, which helped them to be where they are today.  You deserve better, those fellows should understand that people are watching and saying, “who me, you doh see wha they do he, I fraid them man and them – not me again”.

When I heard what Papa white suit said to “Loud mouth”, I pinched myself as the old folks used to say.  I remembered the wheelbarrow driver in St. George’s South-East and the lady who gave me a ride in her car.

One morning, I was on my way through the village that leads to Confer in St. George, I saw a car stopped and the person who drove the car was a lady who asked if I would like to have a ride.  I answered, “yes please” and as I entered the vehicle we started a conversation.

I recognised her to be my former schoolmate, we continued to speak about our old school days.  She then asked me about the wheelbarrow driver whom she called by his right name. She said it is a long time she did not see him.

I said to her,  ‘look him there driving the wheelbarrow”.

She asked me, how is he walking so break up? I told her, and she continued by saying, she hopes the master looks after him.

I then replied: “Looks after him? He did not even give him the piece of cotton to smell the way those old folks used to say it.

The lady continued – “I used to hear the wheel barrow driver make a lot of noise for the master in his constituency, I am much surprised to hear he did not even gave the cotton to smell, it is very surprising and very unfortunate; this is why I do not get involved in that thing because those men are too crafty, they love to fool people and use people, and dump them.

What a shame.

She then went on to speak about the chain saw carrier who did the announcing for the master in his constituency.

The Master said among other things when the party gets into Government all the moaning and groaning the people were experiencing under the past Government will come to an end.

This has not happened – the chain saw carrier is moaning and groaning the most these days.

The master has no time for him now.  These things are happening for everyone to see so they can take warning so that when the time comes they can know what they should do.

The Peasant

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