Shame on Caribupdate!!!

I was so appalled when I listened to your editorial aired on Chime FM this Sunday, 16th October 2016, entitled: “Ambush in the night.”

I find your comments on this pre-arranged TV discussion: totally biased and unfair towards decent media personnel. Their sole intention was to use this opportunity to help educate the majority of Grenadians who are still illiterate, ignorant and confused about the whole process of constitution reform.

It appears to me that your publication is not written for the informed and educated — the word ‘Ambush’ is used incorrectly in your article!!

The media panel were expecting four members of the CRAC team to appear on the show; three of them “chickened out” at the last minute, leaving only Mr. Ferguson to answer all the questions the panel had prepared to ask four people. Even though 75% of the CRAC team failed to turn up, the show must go on. This show had no malicious intent to misinform and mislead Grenadians.

What was crystal clear to me is that the media panel was there to glean information from CRAC on constitution reform so they can pass it on to the public, enabling them to make informed choices in casting their vote.

This media team did not let the public down — it was CRAC who let us down, I take my hat off to Mr Ferguson for facing the panel alone without the support from the rest of his CRAC team.

Sadly, Caribupdate weekly deliberately gave themselves a black eye.

They did not want to see clearly through Caribupdate black eye. It was just another ‘political partisan session’ and they have the audacity to publish their nonsense in an attempt to keep the Grenadian public in the docile mindset; so that they can continue to follow the leader or the powers that be, like sheep.

Shame on you Caribupdate! Your type of publication makes me feel ashamed of my cultural heritage. Every time I listen to your editorial aired on Chime FM, I get the impression that your publication is highly subjective and unscrupulous. Your language is lacking in professional conduct; you keep picking on certain individuals who are more highly educated than you, just because they disagree with your political affiliation.

You condone a culture of ignorance, illiteracy, political bias and encourage hatred and resentment of everything that is decent and acceptable in our society.

Where do they find newspapers like this? During my research, I could not find you by scraping the bottom of the barrel, I had to go underneath the barrel and start digging. You are not an appropriate, nor suitable publication for the 21st century.

Your communication is to a global audience now, not just Grenada.

Our beautiful Grenada will be a better country without you. We are tired of trashy despicable media like yours who keep putting our highly respected and hard working citizens down to your demeaning level, while they are doing a great job in educating our people and making us proud of who we are.

Your conclusion that “Mr. Ferguson, a former media worker, was the only shining light when some in the media launched an ambush in the night on him, and when local media suffered a severe black eye.”

I find your compliment to Mr Ferguson conceited and full of flattery.

A concerned citizen

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