Obey the law!

After much hue and cry from our bus owners and operators plying their trade along the Grand Anse route, I have a simple message for them; obey the traffic laws and regulations and you’ll be sure to find your issues with Magistrate Seales will come to an end in short order.

It is very difficult to muster much, if any, sympathy for bus drivers who continually disobey the rules of the road and are subsequently charged by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) whether it be stopping off route, speeding recklessly or overtaking in the face of oncoming traffic, these represent just a few of the myriad of problematic driving practices of the bus drivers in Grenada.

These same practices endanger the lives of other drivers on the road as well as passengers of the buses themselves, for whom bus operators seem to have little regard.

It is unfortunate indeed that those bus drivers who drive safely and with good conscience are now painted with the same broad brush when it comes to public perception.

Based on comments from bus drivers made to various media houses, it appears that they would like to drive their buses in whatever manner they choose and be exempt from the law and the penalties that come with it should an infraction occur.

This is not social-minded behaviour and represents a lawlessness that is unacceptable to any nation that is seeking progress.

I also call on the RGPF to be even more diligent when it comes to policing the Grand Anse bus route as far too often they are nowhere to be seen during  the peak hours of traffic in which one experiences the frustration of having to share the road with reckless bus drivers.

I have no doubt that we, the citizenry, will support the police wholeheartedly should they choose to make their presence known in even greater measure than they currently do.

Citizen and concerned driver

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