This is a message from Patriotic Grenadians in New York, USA to our Grenadians at home.

While there is a need for constitutional reformation, we believe that the present government failed to adequately educate us on the bills presented to alter the constitution.

So, we are appealing to you, our fellow Grenadians that you should not vote in favour of something you do not understand. DO NOT vote to make any changes to our constitution at this time!

We the people must be properly informed before making any major decision on altering the constitution.

Consequently, we must show the Keith Mitchell government that we are not prepared to make any change to the constitution until we are properly educated on the issues after the next general election.

THEREFORE, fellow Grenadians, on October 27, 2016, you must go out in your numbers and vote on the referendum. DO NOT stay home! If you do, then the present government will get the yes vote they desperately need by default.

That is what the Keith Mitchell government wants. Let us tell them no. Tell them NO with your votes!!!

Enough is enough!! We are intelligent people and we refuse to be taken lightly

A wind of change is about to blow across our nation so be prepared.


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