“Covert campaigning”?

Permit us to bring to your attention the fact that a number of persons have drawn to the attention of various members of the Grouping of CSOs the following:-

• Debushing: There is an upsurge in debushing. It is suggested 4000 persons have been recruited into debushing this week

• Imani: A couple thousand new persons are being registered into the Imani programme

• Distribution of Housing Materials: Housing materials are being distributed. L.A. Purcell has been named as one of the places where material is being picked up.

Permit us to suggest that it would be useful to the country if the media could look into these developments and advise of the scale and whether there appears to be any links with these developments and “covert (?) campaigning” in respect of referendum.

It should be noted that in quite a number of communities, the ballot papers seem to have been distributed and persons can tell what numbers they are going to vote for even if they do not know the name of the bill or what the bill says. Who is conducting these campaigns and who/which entities are financing it?

Thank you for facilitating clarity and veracity on these matters.

Sandra C.A. Ferguson
for Grouping of CSOs

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