‘Work for work’

I am not like some who hide behind their political affiliation. I am a member of the NNP and a very proud one.

I believe in our Prime Minister and will support our dear leader to death. I joined the NNP after I realise that Sir Eric can’t make it any more.

No one can accuse me of looking for something from the NNP since I am an independent man with my own business.

The party got my support in the 1999 elections and every election thereafter I have voted for the House.

Our Prime Minister is a no nonsense man and will put down the heavy hammer whenever necessary.

The man has the interest of NNP and Grenada at heart and will not allow anyone to give the party a bad name.

Due to the busy schedule of the PM, I do not see him in our constituency as before and want to bring to his attention a situation involving one of his ministers since that is not good for the image of our party.

This minister is engaged in a lot of wrong doing and a few weeks ago was caught in a very uncompromising position in his office with another worker after the normal working hours.

The PM must bring him in  and ask for an explanation since the government office is to be used to provide a service to the public and not as a brothel.

The civil servants are talking among themselves about the situation since that minister is known to be doing this kind of thing over the years.

A party supporter in the office told me that the minister’s Secretary came back into the office unexpected after 4.00 p.m. and saw the minister in action like what we see in a soap opera.

This minister should be called in by the PM and spoken to in a very serious way about his nasty behaviour.

This man is called in his own constituency by the name, “Work for Work”. A few supporters have complained to me about his nasty behaviour and feel that he should be exposed.

One of them told me that a young lady complained that she asked him for assistance with a house and he was willing to do it but only under certain conditions. I do not think that I need to read and spell to the people what I am talking about.

I know that our leader is not aware of these things because he would have put his foot down on it a long time ago.

A good friend told me that the NDC woman in St. Patrick told him something about this particular Minister and two of her nieces.

One co-operated with him and got some assistance and the other who did not go along with his foolishness did not get any help.

The word around is that this particular minister has a “slaughter house” in another constituency where he does all his nastiness.

Another worker said when he came back into the office one day after lunch, there was a particular smell coming from him. The big people will know what I am talking about.

As a firm NNP supporter, I am willing to meet with the PM to give him further particulars about this sex maniac in the House. NNP is a clean party and the PM will not tolerate any stupidness.

NNP To The Bone

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