Imminent destruction!!!

We are living dangerously as we look around a world where the human race should have been more united in greater love and harmony but unfortunately we are far from getting there.

Look at the situation with Russia and the United States, the two major world powers who are capable of destroying each other without a doubt.

These two powers have made the world a very dangerous place and we are just so casual about it.

Today more concerns are being raised about a Third World War which can see the elimination of the human race.

I am not talking about the conventional way only but also with nuclear weapons.

According to the experts, Russia and the United States are capable of destroying the planet 500 times – they both can also reduce the planet back to the Stone Age and this thing is being taken so lightly.

It’s like no big deal. The Christians will take comfort in the fact that God will not permit this but let us not forget that God permitted the First and Second World Wars.

Let us stop fooling our selves, let us look at the signs – the Russian Federation was invited to help Assad, the Syrian leader to fight against terrorist extremists who are intrinsically linked to al-Qaeda, which was created by the United States when they invaded both  Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11 even though the terrorists were largely from Saudi Arabia.

Today I am baffled by the propaganda coming from the West who are into a disinformation  campaign to discredit Russia through a British special envoy who is claiming that Russia is bombing hospitals in Syria.

In a war there will be casualties in such clustered cities. The Russians and Syrians gave the US the right-a-way to collectively destroy the terrorists but what did the American war plains do – they went and bombed the Syrian army killing hundreds of soldiers and quickly said it was a mistake.

But when we see a hospital is bombed by the Russians, the West is calling it deliberate. Who is fooling who?

The American are supporting al-Qaeda linked groups in the name of the free Serbian army and giving so many arms to these terrorists to fight the Syrian and Russians armies.

Let us not forget that the US so-called coalition went into Syria in a clandestine way without the consent of the United Nations with the aim of getting rid of the Syrian regime and contrary to Syrian democracy.

It is the West that created this mess that is taking place in the world today because over seventy percent of the Syrian people support the Syrian leader.

It’s the same thing the  West have done in the  Arab Spring – creating anarchism in Libya through so-called regime change and killing Muammar Gaddafi.

Look at the  civil wars that followed in some of those countries – Egypt Tunisia, also creating the Orange revolution in The Ukraine until Putin had to annex Crimea.

What the west did was to put devastating  sanctions on Russia.

However, what the west is forgetting is that Crimea was given as a deed of gift in 1954 by Nikita Khrushchev, the former Russian leader to Ukraine.

The place literally belongs to Russia and eighty percent of the people there speak Russian.

Let us be mindful that the Falkland Islands belong to Argentina  and look at the war which Britain fought against Argentina and the lost of lives on both sides, sinking the Argentinian warship, The Belgrade when it was going away.

Look at the Rock  of Gibraltar – it is literally owned by Spain but look at the stronghold the British have there  due to some kind of a treaty.

It is the same way the Russians have rights to some of the islands which Russia took from Japan during the Second World War. Japan is still claiming these group of islands as their own.

Today the United States is on the side of Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines against China’s territorial claim in the South China sea.

The UN has just ruled against China’s claim on building artificial rifts  and islands in the disputed area in the sea.

China has also said that it will not recognise the UN ruling and only this week the United States sent a guided missile destroyer into the South China sea which infuriated the Chinese.

This prompted the Chinese ambassador to the UN to state that China is not afraid to go to war with the United States.

Let us not forget that only a couple months ago China and Russia were having the world’s largest ever military manoeuvres.

The military landscape is changing. China is building a fifty billion dollars canal in Nicaragua as a direct challenge to the Panama Canal which will facilitate bigger ships.

In my opinion I firmly believe that there will be a Third World War and it could be the last war because it will become a nuclear war.

It’s not a question of if but when.

Kennedy Jawahir

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