A bad insurance company!!!

I am at my wits end at this point and have no choice but to put pen to paper on this matter, which involves a particular insurance company overlooking the Carenage.

It’s plain that there are serious problems at that establishment.

People are paying policies and are told that they owe and are sent letters stating their policies have lapsed. You try to reach relevant persons including the General Manager and you are not getting anywhere – excuses, excuses, screening calls and lies.

It’s plain the person in charge is not capable, very disrespectful and do not see the need to apologise or return phone calls.

Monies are hard to come by so when one pays his/her bill, and have proof, they are being told you did not and this is very upsetting.

I have my kids to attending to after paying my policy. It is a sacrifice and when you pay the cashier, she tells you that you are up to date, the next time a rep will tell you something different.

I do not know where to go but am calling on the persons in government in charge of the insurance industry to look into this matter.

Before writing, I spoke to other people who are experiencing the same problem and in some cases worst. Frustration is the order of the day for all of us.

We are fed up with the Manager and her team of workers because they give you the run around, they have no manners and treat people with scant courtesies.

When you call the insurance company, you are often told that certain persons are on another call and will call back.

Enough is enough. It’s time for this to stop – what if something happens to a policyholder for e.g. death then how can your kids get payment when you are dead and your policy payments are in limbo.

Imagine you even have payments done in advance for a few months and yet you are told it has lapsed. What the hell is going on?

This is real garbage. Life is really unfair because after dealing with that British American fiasco and you think things have worked out a little, then you have other things to deal with like this delinquent insurance company.

I am already dealing with a loss from my Clico policies and this is enough to send one crazy.

I really do not know how much more I can take and I know there are lots of others who are going through worst than me due to the same thing.

I am asking and begging for help!!! Help!!! Please HELP!!

I do hope after writing this letter that it will have some impact and the persons responsible will do some investigation with this particular insurance company. This is very serious.

Any company sending out letters to clients stating they are owing money and the policy has lapsed when this is not the case, is not serious. They should first do a thorough check.

It is only in Grenada that we sit back and accept foolishness. I have heard that a number of persons overseas have sued that insurance company for this kind of foolishness.

 Frustrated Policy Holder

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