“Woman On The Bass”

It was back in 1980 that Scrunter gave the world “Woman On The Bass” and now that  technology has taken us to a new frontier some 36 years later, it’s “Who Is The Pint Size On Tenor”?  She might have gone unrecognized had it not been for the video taping and uploading on YOU TUBE during panorama 2015, but the moment was captured.

Young and tiny with a slim body size and looking as though she might  be a good candidate in a couple of years to be put into training to ride at Ascot, Newmarket, Woodbine, Churchill Downs, Santa Anita, and our own Seamoon if the powers in charge get serious enough to see the economic power to revive it, she was seen playing her notes front and center with the Pan Lovers Orchestra, and she was not shadowing.

Back in the fifties and very early sixties her parents especially granny would not have allowed her to be involved because of the stigma that had been placed on the steelbands and its members, and they the members themselves put more fuel to the fire because of their lack of entertainment knowledge combined with community and professional guidance, giving some religious denomination leaders a platform to condemn  them and their instruments while fooling the majority of the unsuspecting flock in order to control them.

Today because of  a change in social behaviour and better understanding, the instrument is accepted worldwide and musicians are able to make a living playing them and in church too.

During the carnival season many of the juniors can be seen accompanied by grannies and other family members heading to rehearsals in various pan yards practicing into the wee hours of the mornings, and I’m wondering if the Ministry Of Culture is paying close attention to the talent that’s wasting away?

This little pint sized musician should be one of many placed in some form of special training before she become distracted and lose interest, but when you have an individual with a knack and track record to be asking people “who are you”? Don’t expect change.

I am almost certain that had she and others like her been in Cuba they would have been in a music program as part of her preparation for the future, and not left to have an idle mind.  World  legendary Grammy Latin Jazz arranger Marty Sheller on viewing the video  described her as being vibrant and very much into giving her best and enjoying it too.

I’ll continue to preach it over and over that there is an essential need for a serious performing arts program to capture two birds with one stone because the arts and entertainment is a vital part of any tourism package if you want visitors to return to the shores of Grenada and to also encourage others to come and have fun, and not describing it as being dull because of the lack of entertainment.

The selling of the beach  to attract tourist went out the window a long time ago, just like how many of us went rushing to Empire on a  Saturday afternoon to see John Wayne, Randolph Scott,  Maureen Ohara, Judy Garland, Dean Martin and Allan Rocky Lane.

To show you that I am not all talk and no action, I am prepared to sponsor one year of music tuition for her, because as the saying goes a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Mike Raffie Knowles Mc Quilkin  

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