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By Clare D. Briggs

N.D.C – New Development Coming
Under sincere and honest politicians who are caring
Hundreds of Grenadians came out at the Trade Centre
on Thursday night to illustrate
How they diagnosed the leadership of N.N.P – those Nasty Notorious Pirates!

Elections is not yet in the air,
But they have already sat down and assessed the
country’s situation and for this they prepare.

How else will we succeed if we don’t have a framework
for a well-ordered and equitable society without inclusion and
reconciliation or if in Public office there is no integrity?

N.D.C has developed a policy Agenda
After consulting with people from various backgrounds as stakeholders.
They believe in “Investing in the future, today”,
So that our country can make headway by 2030.

That night you should have heard Tevin Andrews and
Ali Dowden – two youth leaders of the party.
Tevin envisioned about Plans for Carriacou and Petite Martinique;
while Ali Dowden spoke remarkably, even applauding our
Olympians, who reached their peak.

Educated, articulate, ambitious and inspirational, these
young people are, under NDC they will take our country’s
young people very, very far.
This party wants to foster oneness among Grenadians

As we develop National Sovereignty through patriotism
which we should pass on to upcoming generations
The building and strengthening of our institutions,
political and otherwise.

Will promote a peaceful environment, national consensus and
provide better care for our people and improve their lives
NDC has great plans for Agriculture and Agri-business,
Also small businesses, Tourism and Hospitality, Education,
Health-care and wellness.

They even involving Grenadians in the Diaspora,
Surely, more Grenadians will come home and build our country stronger
We have to change the NNP’s philosophy, where benefits are only for
one set of people and their family.
People from all around the country must bloom.

This is how it should be, if as citizens we are guaranteed
rights and freedoms
Look for development in I.C.T and energy,
Concerns for Climate change; Energy another form of Development
will be done with sustainability.
As our Leader ended by saying – what you want for yourself you must
want for others,
This is the vision of all of us for Grenada as NDC Supporters!

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