Ramification of US invasion

I want to look at certain things from the mid-1980s after the demise  of the Grenada Revolution and the American invasion of our island.

Many thought that the invasion would have brought about major social and economic changes to the lives of many Grenadians who were hoping to be part of Uncle Sam’s promise that Grenada would have now been  the bastion of hope within the Caribbean.

It was felt back then that people will have tremendous opportunities moving away from communism and many Grenadians fell for it.

The first major institution that was given by the Americans was a big pink building in Mt. Gay – a mental institution because they knew what was coming.

With American propaganda, Grenada was forced to sell out most of its important agro-industrial plants and equipment to Dominica. We had  machinery here where Grenada was making its own tambourine  nectar, guava nectar, mango juice, as well as a Coffee plant and we were starting to package salted codfish.

Literally there was no more fruits falling to the ground and rotting because for the first time we  were being truly reliant on our  own  limited resources and not shipping them away to other countries to buy back in its processed form.

Our people back in the 80’s jumped for joy because they believed that Grenada was going to be the 51st State of the United States.

Let’s all remember this: Grenada got thousands of scholarships during the first six months of the revolution thus pushing literacy up to ninety eight percent.

Let us not forget that  during the neo-colonial period there was a sixty percent illiteracy rate in Grenada especially among the estate workers within the rural  Communities.

The Grenada Revolution had a plan and a vision. Could you imagine no one would have believed that after all of the high expectations we had as a people who were elated by Grenada moving away from communism, no one could have ever thought that today Grenada would have had a 40% unemployment.

The American mission was accomplished when they get rid of Socialism/Communism so there will be no more threats where the Marxist ideology can be exported especially within the Caribbean basin.

With all of civil society, social partners and including most of the churches they all were elated for the change of government and system in Grenada.

To my dismay after almost thirty years since the demise of the Grenada Revolution, no one would have thought that we would have had a debt of 2.5 billion dollars and for which we cannot pay.

I can remember that when people saw helicopters flying  in the skies in October 1983 they were thrilled because they thought it was a new dawn for Grenada. Who was fooling who?

Where are the Americans today? Is Grenada getting what it was promised?  Look at our cocoa, nutmeg and banana farmers – are they better off?

Let us not forget that it is after the American invasion we lost the banana trade to those in control of the banana business in Central America and that’s an American-controlled company .

Where are the Americans who promised that Grenada would have been the envy of the Caribbean because they wanted to justify the invasion?

After thirty years Grenadians are still paying $900.00 to go to Barbados to get a US  visa and most times they have to come back without it.

I honestly believe that in the near future we may have to change our name to Fantasy island.

We had so much doctors, agronomists, dentists, linguists, engineers and other professionals coming out of this little island.

There was a growing consciousness among the Grenadian population about how our people and resources were being exploited, so they had to stop it at all cost. There was so much more than we knew.

The best of all – they said that the revolution was building an air base so Soviet and other Eastern bloc aircraft would have used Grenada as a spot for refueling to take arms and ammo to dissident  groups in South and Central America.

What a lie. Maurice Bishop was guided by the MacDonald Douglass aircraft makers who asked the PRG to build a longer runway  for future aircraft and this is why it was built much bigger.

The Maurice Bishop International Airport is only ten thousand linear feet.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Kennedy Jawahir

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