The Bigger Picture

We are about to have a referendum on constitution reform so that the Grenadian people could have a say in forming some aspect of their constitution.

This process would not be giving us a new and finished constitution but instead the reforms of some seven (7) bills.

The original document will be continued to be looked at in the future and changes made to suit the times. They say it’s our time now!

The constitution is a legal document, and is best understood by lawyers of which the majority of Grenadians aren’t. For example under the Bill (Rights and Freedoms) at page 6 under alterations of the constitution it is proposed that the heading “Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms” where it appears in the constitution be substituted for the word foundational.

“In the English Language does the word foundational mean Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms? Not at all. However, it will be given that new meaning in our proposed reformed constitution – laughable only in Grenada.

Better they had called it modernal. I am not a lawyer so I am just writing about things I read in this proposed bill and how it came across to me.

Is this constitution reform truly Grenadian? When I read the proposed bill and in particular the one referring to “Rights and Freedoms”, I read statements like Grenada have acceded to certain international human rights treaties and conventions and therefore we have to frame our reform constitution with those to adhere to.

This makes me wonder and concludes that we in Grenada will never see a true reform Grenada constitution by Grenadians for Grenadians ever.

So this whole exercise is futile but if it was to pass, our leaders will run with it. Shame.

We are getting a constitution that is influenced by the international community in this evil hour. So the people need to know that it’s not only their will and voices but also foreign ones.

It’s not Grenadian but to me the one world Government and New World order agenda. In this reformed constitution as I understand it, they have proposed getting rid of certain words and headings and replacing them with new words and headings.

I pointed already to the example of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms for Foundational. Let me point out a few more. I find troubling on page 14 of this same Bill at the bottom under the heading, “Gender inclusion” the words “he” “him” and “his” are to be deleted from our constitution and replaced with the words for “he”, “he and she”, “him” “him and her” “his”, “his and her”.

So a man could say that he is a woman and will be accepted and protected by this proposed reform constitution.

Another term I have a problem with is this Bill is the terms social class and social origin. That means a person could be a part of the social group of gays and lesbians and be accepted and protected by this reform constitution – an evil and ungodly bill.

So we hear the calls from the different sectors of our society and most recently from the constitution reform people to get register – one have to beware.

Certain ones in high places are asking what is wrong with these bills. Then we have evil men in authority. As a person whose ultimate constitution is the Holy Bible I am aware of what it teaches about life and Godliness. It teaches that there will come a time in man’s existence when a “Beast, anti-Christ and false prophet” will come on the world scene and cause the people of the world to take a mark in their hand and forehead and that they would not be able to buy and sell without that mark.

And no homosexual has eternal life abiding in them. Satan who is behind all of this is a liar and deceiver from the very beginning and through all of time. He knows how to cover up, parcel and disguise all his damming sins, snares and traps from unconverted mankind to dam the souls.

So when I hear the call to get register and unfortunately over 70,000 have already done so, I see the prophecy being further fulfilled.

It says in verses 8 and 16, 17 of Rev: 13. “All “will worship him and he causeth “all” to receive a mark in their hand and forehead and none could buy and sell without that mark, the last voter’s registration card. All!!!

The majority has it and there is increased registration presently – the devil plan is being carried out. My mission and assignment in this final hour is to reveal the “BIGGER PICTURE” and that is the dissemination of the mark of the beast to our people.

However God’s word for this era is repent and his call is to “come out of Babylon”.

Beware Grenadian your souls are being sold.

Derick Sealy

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