Multi-purpose stadium at Seamoon?

True or false, a multi purpose stadium is being planned for Seamoon in St Andrew?

Believe it or not, that’s the news now filtering around and I am wondering “if it’s the propaganda machine at work”!

During the previous reign of the NNP, I was informed by a reliable source now deceased that one was being planned, and that it was going to be constructed for horse racing, cricket, football, cycling, and track and field.

I have no objection to it if it’s true, but I do hope that those in authority reach out for ideas from you the people at home as well as us in the Diaspora. The last time around everything was done secretively, and I don’t need to go into details about the outcome.

Many Grenadians at home and abroad, possess a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience that our small tropical independent country can benefit from free of charge, yet the decision makers are always heading into the wrong and costly shabby direction, screwing the screwdriver, instead of screwing the screw.

Give them a chance and they won’t hesitate to put a sporting goods store opposite a nursing home, and a pharmacy in front of a primary or high school. This is not a case like the movie HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK, but it’s how we can come together to take Grenada forward again and put her on the road to success for generations to come.

Check with some of our senior citizens that are still around about the history of sports in Grenada especially the sport of Kings before they leave us. How well do you know the NUTMED MAN and B.A. PITT two sons of the big parish?

Playing for PBC, Dauntless and Grenada, the NUTMED MAN was one of the best in the defense department in the sixties, the owner of a stable of horses and a good triple jumper too while at PBC. Had he immigrated to London out of PBC, he could have ended up wearing the colours and playing for Chelsea or Man United.

And what a pleasure it would have been to hear commentators like Byron Butler, David Coleman, Jimmy Hill, and Brian Moore of the BBC coming through the speakers of the old HITACHI, PHILCO, PHILLIP, PYE, MULLARD and TELFUNKEN describing his on field playing style.

Pitt, that walking untapped encyclopedia is as cool as ever going about his daily business, but you don’t know the information that is stored in his head or that of the NUTMED MAN because most of you think that history in Grenada began in the seventies and eighties.

If this project is done right with good planning, the entire country will benefit and not just the big parish. It’s time to replace the negative headlines filtering out from the Seamoon community where some of the residents are alleging that an individual allegedly encouraged squatters to go and squat on the compound to secure election votes and now it’s going to be costly to get them to move as they are prepared to fight tooth and nail from moving.

What can this facility produce if constructed? Jobs and a vibrant healthy community instead of underground entrepreneurs wholesaling and retailing illegal merchandise and giving false hope to the weak and underprivileged, guaranteeing them a slow ride from Bailey or the La Qua Brothers or  a couple of months or years of relaxation  in HEARTBREAK HOTEL up in Richmond Hill.

Do you like walking through the neighbourhood  and passing under-nourished potbelly children with mothers not knowing where the next meal is coming from, or having to be stepping edgy when passing some of the youths for fear of being mugged?

Day by day, month-by-month, it’s sliding deeper and deeper into a vicious ghetto because the youths are suffering from a lack of hope and good social programs to guide them on the road to need instead of want. They can be the scientists and engineers of tomorrow, but the avenues must be created for them to have the chance.

Build the facility, and find ways to use it beyond sporting activities. The ball is in your court.

Mike Raffie Knowles Mc Quilkin

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