Make them pay!!!

A few weeks before ending his term as Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron said that more teachers should be trained to teach children about the Jewish holocaust.

This should be welcome news for Africans who should see it as an opportune time to include the teaching of the African Holocaust in which tens of millions of Africans were “ripped from the bowels” of the African continent during events unparalleled in human history.

They suffered, not only physical, but also mental and economic destruction on a scale not seen since human beings evolved on this planet!!

Apologists for these crimes usually tell us of the time scale between the two events, however, as a prominent Jewish commentator said a few years ago”: “There can be no statue of limitation for genocide”.

What followed the African genocide was centuries of segregation, brutal exploitation and deprivation, the social and economic consequences of which continue to affect the life chances of Africa and its people!!

As Brother Randall Robinson said in his famous book: “The Debt” for twelve years Nazi Germany paid. It paid Jews individually. It paid the state of Israel. For two and a half centuries, he said, Europe and America inflicted unimaginable horrors upon Africa and its people.

Europe not only paid nothing to Africa in compensation but also followed the slave trade with the remapping of Africa for further European economic exploitation.

European governments, he continued, have yet even to accede to Africa’s request for the return of Africa’s art treasures looted along with its natural resources during the century long colonial era”.

Africans must never give up the fight for compensation for 246 years of unpaid labour and the cultural genocide inflicted on our people.

As I write, the Greek Government and its people are requesting a sum of 270 billion dollars from Germany for the slaughter of its people during World War Two!!

The report in the “New African” of August/September of the $58 billion plundered by British Companies from African countries is a sad reminder of the continued pillaging of the resources of the “Motherland”.

C.M Rogers

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