Leave the doctor alone!!!

Sitting here in Brooklyn and hearing of the pressure that some people are allegedly putting the tennis doctor through is unbelievable.

Do you guys ever stop to think of the invaluable contribution that he is rendering to the youths of Grenada, and not one day thinking of colour, financial background, school that they are attending, or where they are residing?

With so much cartoon characters walking the streets holding down laughable positions and thinking that they are big shots, making foolish and senseless demands and decisions, it’s about time that some of you sit back and begin to think of what you are doing, and I mean fast too.

Caught up in the “me, me”, syndrome dropping the bone and grabbing the shadow, I must reach out and ask where have all the good folks gone?

President Kennedy said speak not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country, and the motto at St George’s Methodist AKA Wesley Hall where some of us sat in class, was NOT SELF BUT SERVICE.

The doctor is a very dedicated individual, always looking out for the interest of his student players, but for some reason some parents and their Charlie’s Angels friends just don’t appreciate what he is doing.
With so many chicken hawks occupying positions in organisations for the perks and some allegedly prying on the young and innocent chicks, the doctor is not into that dumb and foolish mental sickness and is steadfastly working to mold them into being model citizens.

Nine out of ten times, seven days per week, he can be seen on the court in Tanteen. The cool and dedicated mentor should be receiving the full support from the general public, and not having to deal with parents and their friends pressuring him to do things individually for their own sons and daughters while they are not making a vital contribution in helping to organise the raising of badly needed funds.

Based on information, it’s easy to feel that if hefty donations got deposited things can get legally out of hand. Because of the doctor’s dedication Grenada is doing well in the Caribbean and some students over time secured scholarships from Universities in the USA.

More can be achieved if some of you now pressuring him just play your part and give one hundred percent support instead of playing the southern end of a north bound horse.

Do you think if the doctor should walk away today or tomorrow, that you could find a dedicated individual to take over? What has the association done to promote the discipline in the last two or so years?

Over and over I am hearing of having to write to sponsors for donations to send players to tournaments in neighbouring islands, so it’s obvious that you the parents, your friends and the association members are not in-sync except to be allegedly pressuring the doctor to push your sons or daughters to the head of the line.

Fussing to allegedly wanting to go on a tournament trip to Portugal with your son or daughter is not like jumping on the Osprey and sailing up to Carriacou or Petite Martinique for a day or two.

What happened to the suggestion that was forwarded for the steel orchestra to “record an album” to raise funds that James Clarkson was ready to assist with, and to write to the US and Canadian Universities kindly requesting that they allow the student orchestra to be part of it?

Was that too difficult asking that you write a simple letter to request some vital assistance? If it’s your desire to see your sons and daughters having a chance to be like Arthur Ash or Serena Williams there must be harmony with the doctor, so just leave him alone to do his work on the court be it in Tanteen or around the country including Carriacou, and Petite Martinique, and you do what sensible parents, friends and associated members should be doing.

Mike Raffie Knowles Mc Quilkin

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