Getting our act together

It’s good to see that the Police Traffic Department has painted no parking warning signs onto the heavily utilized east-west trunk road situated in the Grand Anse valley.

Previously, whenever one vehicle parked indiscriminately in front of an area roadside shop, traffic flows on that busy roadway shut down.

Extra refuse bins have been placed along the Kirani James Blvd, and I understand that the derelict boats that lie abandoned along the shore next to this main thoroughfare now have official removal notices posted on them, with compliance dates stipulated.

I also commend the recent efforts made to clean up the unsightly garbage strewn rocks behind the St George’s bus terminal. And congrats to the Rotary club (Rotoract) for the painting of the retaining wall
at the “Falaise”(Fall Edge). A fine gesture by a citizen’s group setting a much-needed example of what national self-help efforts could accomplish.

All of these developments are encouraging signs that we are beginning, not only to take notice of, but more significantly, to do something about the deplorable mess that exists in too many public spaces in our country.

Kudos to the relevant authorities and social groups for their efforts towards reversing the escalating littering trend.


The Prima Donnas on the West Indies Cricket Board have struck back at Coach Phil Simmons for his public statements about their interference re: team selection, in their own inimical way, by firing him.

Simmons had in fact already apologised to the board for what they had considered his inadvisable “airing of dirty linen” at a news conference. But I guess apologies were not enough, someone wanted blood.

Also, notwithstanding the recent success of the WI team winning the T20 world championship competition under the leadership of Coach Phil Simmons, Captain Darren Sammy and bowling Coach Curtley Ambrose.
As a show of appreciation, all three of them have been sent home by the board.

When Dr. Keith Mitchell (The CARICOM head responsible for cricket affairs) and an independent (UWI) Commission led by Professor Eudine Bariteau investigated, gathered information, and delivered a comprehensive report that recommended steps that should be taken to revamp and restructure the board, they received tepid responses, and even open resistance from naysayers that included a Caribbean Prime Minister.

Perhaps the most highly visible and region integrating Caribbean Institution, West Indies cricket, has been ailing for some time.

Poorly led by its Board of Directors, the WICB stumbles from one injudicious and embarrassing calamity to another.

The board continues to display poor planning strategies, scant appreciation for, and open disrespect towards the players who represent our region on the world stage.

The fact that experienced and well respected former WICB executives like Pat Rousseau, Ken Gordon and a host of former test players are now publicly airing their concerns over the board’s continuing shortcomings, and that these cries continue to fall on deaf ears, speaks volumes.

No one should intervene some say, just leave it be, maybe it will eventually sort itself out. Well, well! Why not?

I suppose these self-corrective remedies may descend from cyber space, about the same time that we see our first green donkey galloping down Market Hill, and witness Donald Trump being gracious and polite towards his political detractors.

Roger Byer
Morne Jaloux
St. George’s

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