Disappointed with Conference of Churches!!!

The church as a social institution has been the most respected and trusted place where families and members used to look up to in helping with social problems facing the homes and communities, as well as in working out the complexities in confiding their utmost privacy to the Pastor.

As a Christian society, followers genuinely paid their tides while having an unshakable faith in the Pastor.
Today sadly as I look around the society and the wider world, I am in total disbelief to see how some of these social institutions have allowed themselves to reduced to such low level.

I am starting with the Catholic Church, which is responsible for thousands of cases whereby these inhumane acts were committed against innocent young boys.

Today some churches are openly promoting homosexuality and gay rights by supporting same sex marriages – something is wrong with us.

Man was supposedly created or evolved as a mate for the woman as the opposite sex to procreate and multiply thus bringing about children.

It should be noted that from the inception of the human factor a person’s sex was determined by their registration of either male or female by birth.

A man could never be a sex mate to a man – it’s just not right. Today both men and women are changing their sexes through expensive and cumbersome means by changing their body parts through removing the Penis and installing the vagina and vice-versa.

I cannot help but wonder when I see almost all of the churches are going down that road and having to give in due to the level of government pressure.

Did you know that the so-called powerful countries and NGOs are tied up through open gay policies.

The NGO’s are supporting homosexuality through the UN and other reputable organisations because the big countries are holding some countries ransom for not supporting this policy and denying them economic aid and assistance.

And we not talking about a better world? When a gay couple adopts a child, what do you expect that child to come out in today’s world? Are we changing nature’s plan?

The level of compromise I am seeing among certain churches is truly alarming. God did not create Adam and Steve neither did evolution.

What are we coming to? Our young children are confused. This, in my opinion, is an abomination. It’s disgusting, is dehumanising and it is out right nasty.

As intelligent human beings we have let down even the animal species, which is less intelligent than man and you still will not see that kind of practice among them.
When a man is attracted to a man this should not be a right – this is a sickness and he should be receiving treatment for this.

What we find today is that many underdeveloped countries have become victim of this practice -engineered by the cradle of democracy as one of the most powerful country in the world.
Today people cannot even scold their children in fear of being prosecuted by the law. Hence we are having more crimes than ever.

It is significant to note that it’s the same country, which up holds all of the issues pertaining to human rights, but yet they continue to uphold capital punishment by taking the life of a person.

This is the same country that continues to prohibit the spanking or punishment of children. We are living in a strange world and only time alone with tell.

Kennedy Jawahir

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