Sticking a Pin… Project Grenada and Sour Grapes

It is often said that the strength of the message depends on the identity and standing of the messenger. The issue of who is speaking is as relevant to those who compose distasteful ‘soca’ songs, as it is to those who distort the Gospel and those who fabricate political causes.

The proponent of Project Grenada, by the time he conceived and publicised the message, was already well-established as pivotal to the ‘Gun Standard’ of Grenadian politics! This is important as such an individual cannot be a democrat at the same time.

As is known, the ‘Gun Standard’ tramples human rights, dislodges the Constitution and rejects democracy. Un-masked in this way, Project Grenada was an endeavour in ‘tricks and traps’, unworthy of public embrace. The rejection of Project Grenada has left a ‘cocoa basket’ of very sour grapes in the messenger’s joopa!

Seriously, a genuine Project Grenada would have concerned itself, in terms of scope and intent, with deepening our democracy, bringing governance closer to the people, providing solutions to social problems, especially poverty, and achieving solid economic development. It would have raised high the standard of dignity, good-neighbourliness and the fear of God that defines our culture. The emphasis would have been on Grenada as a young, wounded (1983) but aspiring nation, not a playground for power-seekers.

There is no place for Cain’s clinched fist in the Grenada of 2016!

Humanity matters! A genuine Leader of Project Grenada (LPG), not trafficking in self-importance, would have used his high Office to call for the naming of the National Athletics Stadium after the one and only ‘Gold Standard’ of Grenadian athletics and statesmanship.

Unfortunately, Grenadians saw no energy or commitment from the LPG in any of these directions. The evidence is that his rhetoric produced no remedies. Not surprising, as the notion of Project Grenada was conceived in the belly of retribution politics, but masked as a patriotic gift; a ‘Trojan horse’!

Having been expelled from the NDC and losing leadership standing and respect in the trade union movement, the LPG needed a platform and a value proposition to secure shelter in the ‘green house’. Towards that end, he sought to re-do his political credentials so that he would no longer be identified with the ‘Gun Standard’ of Grenadian politics!

What better attempt at disguise than to put on the LPG mask!

Thankfully, legacy is legacy, and it cannot be erased by merely packaging words.

The ‘Gun Standard’ does not only raise the image of a deadly weapon.

It carries a certain outlook and psychology; a certain malicious attitude towards others. That is why, although the gun is not now employed to achieve political power, people who hold contrary views will find their bodies riddled with reckless and uncaring words.

A new and dangerous verbal sniper strategy is now employed by phone, the media and high Office to seek to hush up those who are not liked, including and especially those who are said to have engineered the LPG’s expulsion from the NDC in 2012.

Today, the LPG attempts to present himself as an authoritative voice on everything, manipulating and polishing the truth till it turns ‘green’. He provokes himself to speak because he has a self-pleasing need to hear his own voice! Perhaps, his purpose is to put free speech under heavy manners! If guns are a useful tool of struggle, then words, any words, have a valuable place in his armoury.

All trade unions are familiar with various means of settling industrial disputes. Labour leaders know that sometimes employers take unjust and unlawful action, giving rise to the need to either pursue legal remedies or to settle amicably. So how it is that the LPG keeps popping up in the media to misrepresent and cast aspersions on a 2010 settlement agreed upon fairly and without duress?

Unfortunately, his conscience seems not to be affected by honest facts. He finds release, relief and comfort by dishonouring and disposing of his union hat and donning his lately-adored green beret!

Grenadians deserve to celebrate not only Kirani’s  outstanding achievement, which for two years found no legacy support with the principals and agents of ‘tricks and traps’; but also their success in rejecting a deceptive device posing as patriotism, Project Grenada.

Political sour grapes are a threat to society!

William Joseph

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