The great denial!!!

It’s amazing to know who the culprits are in our society as a whole and every strata of it. I have been writing, stating that the Mark of the Beast era is upon us, raising awareness.

I know that topic has not been going down well in most quarters.

However, I feel more so in the churches and understandably so.

The church at its early beginning as a result of divine inspiration delivered to the apostle John from Almighty God the Lord Jesus Christ, through the previous Holy Spirit have been teaching and preaching about the Anti-Christ, the false prophet and the Mark of the Beast.

Millenniums have passed since the church’s inception and should serve as a warning and signal of the lateness of our times. From then to most of the 19th century man’s existence was manual and hard.

Wind, horse, mules, slaves, wood, coals etc. were the means of transport, labour, energy and the driving force of industry, economies and countries.

The 20th century, however, was a complete different ball game with an explosion of knowledge in science and technology – we are still experiencing today.

Man has reached the place where artificial intelligence is almost running all his affairs and more – too much for a high school dropout to wrap his brain around. Everything from science to disasters and crises has quadrupled in this past and new century that we are a part of.

We are at the zenith of our knowledge and intelligence. We have created weapons that could destroy us hundreds of times over. Climate change people say we have destroyed the Ozone layer and created global warming.

Man is at the end of his era, just created by himself, not even mentioning God’s judgement, where God uses man sometimes as a tool to bring it about.

Yet in light of this late hour and all the evil and disaster we see happening in the world around us, the church is asleep and in denial.

When will the church awake and agree with me, and begin to preach that the Mark of the Beast is upon planet earth and being given out in Grenada?

I know it is a difficult message, but it’s the truth! I believe the reason why the church is in denial about proclaiming that fundamental and most important message today is because the majority of believers in the church have received the Mark of the Beast themselves.

They have become entangled by the beast “web” and “net” the technology today that is the infrastructure for the implementation of the Mark of the Beast. Interesting words “web and net” beast live and are caught there.

The Bible teaches that people will become unaware of the the Mark of the Beast.

Revelations 13 verse 16. So they were tricked into receiving an updated Voter’s I.D. card so they could vote and upkeep the Babylon system and continue business as usual and thus taking the mark of the beast.

I have said in past articles that you being fingerprinted and photographed to put on this new Voter’s I.D and God forbids to come national I.D card is the mark in your hand and forehead, Revelations 13; 16-18.

So there goes the possible reason for the denial by full gospel Pastor and churches. The churches have taught in the past that there is no repentance for receiving the Mark of the Beast, I beg to differ.

Revelations chapter 16; verse 9 and 11 the end of these verses read; 9 and they repented not to give him glory, 11, and repent not of their deeds.

There were persons with the mark of the beast who God was pouring out his wrath and judgement upon and he said those words about them. That implies to me, if they repent, God will show mercy. How do you repent?

Stop the use of the card and suffer the consequences. I thank God for the Government that seem not to be in a hurry anymore to implement the national I.D card and  allow the use of all other forms of I.D.

I prayer that they will not further bend and confirm to foreign pressures and enslavement to implement further the mark of the beast.

Leave the greatest legacy Mr. Prime Minister and Government ministers and save yourselves and the Grenadian People soul from damnation.

It’s going to be hard, but it’s back to Camerhogne and the days of the Caribs and Arawaks.

Church, awake, stop playing the ostrich by burying your head in the sand and thinking the danger will go away. Come out to Babylon! Selah

Derick Sealey

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