Congratulations to Dr Everson J. Peters

It’s time that we pay tribute to all our illustrious sons of the soil.

I want to extend congratulations to Dr. Everson J. Peters, popularly known as Spanner, who has been given the opportunity to serve the region at a higher level through his recent appointment to head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE) in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the West Indies, St Augustine.

Dr. Peters has displayed his tenacity by excelling in his educational achievements and providing excellent service directly to Grenada and to the region as a senior lecturer at the University of the West Indies.

He now brings to the post of Head of DCEE a wealth of technical, administrative and practical skills, which are essential as the University strives to reposition itself to provide more technical support to the region.

Dr. Peters is expected to guide the Department in providing the students with a delicate balance of theory and practice in the field of Civil Engineering.

Dr Peters, who is an engineer by profession, was born in the village of Dover in Carriacou of a peasant family. While remaining humble, a reflection of his childhood life, Dr Peters has quietly soared above several challenges and is now one of Grenada’s top engineers. He is well suited for the post of Head of the Department of DCEE.

Dr. Peters has excelled as a result of his strong determination, hard work and a supportive family. He holds a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Engineering from Lincoln University in New Zealand (1986), and an Executive MBA (Distinction) from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine (2006), where he also graduated with first class honours with a B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering (1982) and at the top of the graduating class.

Dr Peters is also knowledgeable on water management issues having obtained a M.Sc. in Water Resource Engineering at Guelph University in Canada (1987) and a certificate in Water and Soil Management from Volcani Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel (1988).

The practical experiences acquired by Dr Peters throughout his career would serve to enhance his contribution to the work of the University.

He began his career as a teacher at the Bishop’s College and Hillsborough Secondary School in Carriacou and then at the Grenada Boys Secondary School and the Grenada Teachers College.

Although his working career was interrupted periodically to pursue studies, he served in the Ministry of Agriculture in Grenada as an Agricultural Engineer; Principal of the Mirabeau Agricultural School, Deputy Chief Technical Officer; Manager of Farm Roads; and as Co-ordinator of the Government of Grenada/ European Union Stabex Project.

Dr Peters is well prepared for the leadership at our highest educational institution. Prior to this appointment as Head of Department, Dr Peters served as Deputy Dean at the same Faculty. He supervised numerous students who were undertaking their post-graduate studies. He was Vice President and President of the West Indies Group of University Teachers (WIGUT) and served on a number of Campus and University committees.

While in Grenada, Dr Peters was President of the Board of Directors of the Grenada Cooperative Public Service Credit Union and Chairman of the Grenada Community Development Agency. He served on the Board of Directors of many institutions including the National Water and Sewerage Authority, the Grenada Development Bank and the Agency for Rural Transformation.
His research and dedicated service have shown his passion for seeking solutions to the challenges of Small Island Developing States and, in particular, the preservation of the environment and the sustainability of the water supply.

Dr Peters has researched and written extensively on rainwater harvesting, soil degradation and conservation, natural disasters and the impact on the water supply, management of storm water, and the impact of climate change.

He has contributed to the body of knowledge through his publications in many journals including the West Indian Journal of Engineering and the highly proclaimed international journal: Water Management, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

During the period 2008 to 2012, Dr Peters utilised his skills as Policy Adviser to the Government of Grenada on Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, and provided strategic direction in dealing with the severe drought conditions in 2010.

He also provided technical assistance in developing a Road Map on Building a Green Economy for Sustainable Development in Carriacou andPetite Martinique. His advice informed the work on the reverse osmosis desalination plant project for Carriacou and Petite Martinique, which is now operational.

We urge Grenada to search for our talented professionals and utilse them as agents for the transformation of the country.

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