An appropriate apology

I was horrified to observe that the front-page headline of the Friday 12th August, 2016 edition of your paper contained a reference to a deaf person as a “dummy”.

In the year 2016, any right-thinking person should know that this term is particularly offensive to the deaf or hearing-impaired.  Your use of this language, therefore, on the front page of your paper, no less, speaks volume about your callous indifference to citizens of this country who are not to be presumed idiots by the mere fact of a hearing or speech impediment, whether partial or profound.

If it is that your unfortunate choice of word was influenced by ignorance and not malice, permit me to suggest that in future the words “deaf person” would be a far less offensive substitute.

I look forward to seeing an appropriate apology being made by your newspaper to members of the deaf community in Grenada and published with equal prominence. The deaf may not hear but they do read.

Lisa Taylor

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