Referendum should be abolished

All Legitimate and regular governments, consist of three (3) regular and equal branches.  Grenada’s government has irregular branches.  It can be safely, stated that Grenada government has one branch and two loaves.  Why?

The legislative manipulates the executive branch then the executive appears as though it mingles with part of the legislative branch.

How?  The lie in the constitution states that the Governor General can fire the Prime Minister and also dissolves Parliament.  This is not true because over twelve times in the constitution it states that whatever the Governor General does must be advised by the Prime Minister.  That is one way the legislative influences the Governor General.

It is stated in section 59-3 that the executive power is invested in Cabinet.  This violates Magna Charter.  It states that Cabinet’s function is to advice the Governor General and that some of the functions of the Governor General could be done by other ministries.

Cabinet belongs to the branch of legislative and this violates the autonomy of the branches of government. The framers of the constitution copied this in the constitution of the U.S. government when it stated that the President, the executive of the U.S. government is advised by Cabinet. What is that cabinet?

The American Cabinet is not part of the legislative branch (Congress).  The Cabinet is an independent body of bureaucrats.  For example, the Secretary of War comes from the army.

Congress created the Department of State.  This department was to have charge of foreign countries.  The Secretary of the Treasury was another department none of these departments belong to any of the 3 branches of government.

Since our parliamentary system is catered for tyrants and dictators, it is time to abolish these elements, which created such a demonic aspect of the constitution hence the referendum should be abolished.

Bro M.W Edwards
Political Leader of GRP

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