Support for Health Minister

As a strong and devoted member of our glorious party, the New National Party (NNP), I want to declare my support for the Minister of Health, The Hon. Nickolas Steele as the candidate in the Town of St. George for the next election.

The Hon. Steele should go forward as the candidate whenever the Prime Minister calls the election regardless of who is trying to push out their head for consideration.

At the moment, some people in the constituency are working to undermine our MP in order to get the seat for Peter David. I have all the evidence of this underhand dirty games that are going on.

One of them has even approached me to support Peter and to switch my loyalty from Mr. Steele. I am not saying that Peter David is offering money for support but some of his die-hard supporters are going around dipping their hands in their pockets and pulling out $5, $10 and $20.

Many of us will continue to support the current MP for a number of reasons over Peter David. The Prime Minister cannot throw out Mr. Steele for Peter David on all counts in the score sheet. Our Prime Minister is a wise man and can be expected to do the right and decent thing.

Mr. David only came to NNP seeking membership when Tillman Thomas, Phinsley St. Louis, Glen Noel and Nazim Burke expelled he and the other dissidents like Chester Humphrey and Joe Gilbert from the NDC.

When the NNP lost the 2008 elections, the NNP only started to see a resurgence when Mr. Steele and the other lady from Lance Aux Epines, Ms Otway decided to come in and join the party.

The NDC was boasting after the victory in 2008 that NNP was finished and they will be in power for the next two elections in the first instance.

Peter David was the NDC Foreign Minister and was flying all around the world enjoying himself and didn’t have time for NNP and Dr. Mitchell.

The former NDC MP made a stupid move to unseat Tillman Thomas and when the trap flam on him he was exposed. I agree that what Peter David did helped us in the NNP somewhat but that boy cannot be trusted.

Peter threw down the NDC foundation and opened up the doors as wide as possible for NNP to stage a comeback.

If Peter David had succeeded in taking power from Tillman Thomas he would have ruled for himself and not now be seeking shelter in NNP.

The other thing that is going against Peter David is this thing about his Canadian citizenship. I can remember when Wildman and the other lawyers brought the case against Mr. David I went around the constituency on behalf of NNP spreading the word that we can get back the Town seat for Brenda Hood because Peter David was not qualified to be in Parliament.

The Prime Minister cannot come and tell me now to support Peter David to run in town or anywhere else for NNP in the next election. If it was wrong then it is still wrong today.

We in the NNP were against Peter David running for elections on account of his Canadian citizenship and nothing has changed since then that I know about when it comes to the status of this man.

I am confident that Mr. Steele will be our man in town once again and not Peter David based on what I have said in this letter.

Those Peter David supporters who are running around in River Road, Mt. Rush and Darbeau in particular trying to undermine Mr. Steele for Peter David should think again.

It is Mr. Steele we know since 2008 as the man coming around for NNP and trying to keep things intact for the party when it lost to NDC.

Where was Peter David then? If Mr. Steele wins the seat again and I have no doubt that our campaign team can deliver the seat for NNP once again, Mr. David will be finished in frontline politics.

That is a problem for Mr. David and his personal ambitions but not for us who are fully committed and will give our all out support to Mr. Steele being kept as the NNP candidate.. Ungrateful does not go unpaid.

As I end this letter, I want to reassure Mr. Steele that he is solid in the constituency and those who are going around peddling lies and deceit against him will never succeed in their plot to get him replaced by Peter David as our next candidate.

Mr. Steele can win the seat for NNP in the coming election. Mr. Steele is the man for the Town of St. George.


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