Keith and NNP government have failed

Grenadians are you better off today than you were four years ago? If the answer is yes, vote for the NNP in the next general elections.

However if the answer is no or undecided, you have a moral obligation to vote for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In 2013 the Keith Mitchell-led NNP was elected on a platform of providing jobs and changing the economic circumstances of the Grenadian people in a positive way. Do you remember the famous campaign slogan “We will deliver”? To date, all that the NNP delivered are an extremely high unemployment rate, taxes, poor health care, increased poverty and a hopeless and desperate populace.

The majority of the Grenadian electorate, many of them ill-informed and lacking the knowledge and understanding to make sensible information, fell for the trickery of Mitchell and the NNP. Three and a half years later, Grenada under Keith Mitchell has the highest unemployment rate in the world.

This international statistic is a manifestation of the serious failure of Keith Mitchell and his NNP government. As Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and National Security, Dr. Mitchell is leading a government that has imposed 20 new taxes and levies on the Grenadian people in three years.

Youth unemployment has skyrocketed to over 50%, one of the highest in the world. Thousands of young people are just wandering hopelessly and falling on the wayside. Government seems not to care about the plight of the thousands of young people that are unemployed.

The much talked about Imani program is rocked by issues of mismanagement, lack of productivity, partisanship and co-ordination.
Recognising the failures of Emmalin Pierre and the Imani program, the Prime Minister has demoted and placed her in a locker in his office.

Health and healthcare services have deteriorated to a level whereby the probability of dying at the island’s lone general hospital as a result of suffering from an ailment is over 50%. Health Minister Nicholas Steele is a complete failure. He has run the Ministry of Health into the ground. He allegedly tried to manipulate the statistics from his ministry to portray an environment of normalcy; however, the Grenadian people are aware of the fact the island’s health care system under the NNP is one of the worst in the Caribbean.

Under the NNP, forget the bragging about 5% economic growth, the fact of the matter is Grenada’s economy is in shambles. Many projects approved by the Cabinet can’t get off the ground. MPs are frustrated about their inability to “deliver” to their constituents. Most of them have gone MIA, (Missing in Action and AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave).

Under this NNP administration, corruption is allegedly once again alive and well. The re-instatement of ASP Coutain to RGPF, having been charged with seven counts of fraud, is despicable. This shows the breakdown in law and order in Grenada under the NNP. These actions have been a hallmark of all NNP administrations.

The recent Senate presentation by Senator Peter David suggests that the NNP leadership has a high degree of tolerance for corruption. His alleged insensitive pronouncement that corruption is not limited only to Grenada is foolhardy, infantile and downright backward. Because there is corruption in another country, does this give politicians in Grenada the right to be corrupt?

Over the past three years agriculture has died under the NNP!
Government has privatised all the major farms yet Grenada through the Marketing and National Importing Board is importing agricultural produce from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The rapid increase in crime and violence under this NNP government is a major area of concern for all law abiding citizen. There have been over ten murders for the first half of the year. Crime, violence sexual abuse and drug related criminal activities are on the increase.
Mitchell and his NNP administration lack the capability to deal with the situation. As the Minister of National Security, Keith Mitchell has failed to provide the leadership to motivate the RGPF.

There are seemingly subtle corrupt practices within the force.

Since returning back into office Mitchell and the NNP have engaged in the violation of the nation’s constitution on many occasions and as such lack the moral authority to spearhead constitutional reform.

The NDC must be extremely careful as the main opposition political party in its handling of the constitutional reform process. The party must take a serious decisive stance and explain to the nation the reason for their position. The NDC should encourage its supporters to vote NO.

The party must learn from the lessons of the Brexit referendum and its impact on the main opposition Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Political Leader of the NDC must not allow himself, his party and supporters to be hoodwinked and misled by NNP’s failed policies.

Nazim Burke should realise that thousands of Grenadians are hurting as a result of the plans, programs and policies of the NNP and voting his conscience is not enough. He needs to lead from the front and not appear to be misled by Keith and the NNP.

There are many fundamental differences between the NDC and NNP. At the centre of the NDC’s policy is accountability, transparency and good governance, while the NNP is concerned primarily about acquiring and maintaining political power at all cost. It is in this context that the NDC shouldn’t support constitutional reform under Keith Mitchell and the NNP.

The NDC should demand that Mitchell pay back to the state all the monies he collected from the nation’s treasury as a United States citizen in his capacity as Prime Minister of Grenada. That was a slap in the face of the constitution and it must never be swept under the carpet.

Supporting constitutional reform under the NNP is an endorsement of the many violations of the nation’s constitution by Keith Mitchell and the NNP and therefore the NDC must not fall into this trap.

Constitutional reform is not a priority of the Grenadian people. Improving their standard of living is their main priority. Jobs, education, health care and a decent standard of living are what matters. NNP would attempt to use the referendum as a distraction from their many failures in the past three and a half years.

The NDC should be mindful that either way the referendum vote go “yea” or “nay” Keith Mitchell would call snap elections soon after and the NDC would be blamed. The NDC shouldn’t accommodate or legitimise the wrongdoings and failures of the NNP. Politics is all about timing.

The NDC should be aware and cognisant of the fact that Keith Mitchell will use the constitutional reform referendum to gain political mileage for the upcoming general elections.

Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party supported David Cameron and the Conservative Party in the Brexit referendum and ended only losing much more than the Conservative Party. The Labour Party is much more divided now than they were before the referendum.

The NDC can suffer a worse fate if the party supports the constitutional reform process under a failed NNP government.

Mitchell and his failed administration are plotting every day to get rid of the NDC and create a one party state so that all his failings can go unnoticed.

The NDC should now concentrate on building organisation. Focus on building and strengthening the party’s village groups and getting the party’s election machinery ready for the next elections. The NDC shouldn’t waste time with the constitutional reform process.

Winning the next general elections should be the priority of the party, following which constitutional reforms can be advanced and promoted. The party shouldn’t bother about the comments made by the former deputy political leader of the party. Since leaving office, local government has died under the NNP.

Grenadians should realise by now that the NDC is the best choice for the sustainable growth and development of Grenada. Twenty years of NNPism has failed the country. Keith Mitchell and the NNP drove the last and final nail in the Grenadian coffin when he placed the nation into the claws of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

It’s nothing except failure in his leadership and the management of the national economy. Time for Mitchell and the NNP to go.

Grenadian Class

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