Get Registered!!!

That’s the loud and hard call being made by Politicians, Government and leaders in our country today as continuous registration goes on.

I have been writing and preaching etc to inform the Grenadian people and the world on a whole that we are living in the Mark of the Breast era. That mark is being given out in Grenada today.

These are the last moments of mankind’s reign and dominion on planet earth. I am still baffled, but it started under the last N.D.C. government of 2008-2013. They won a peaceful and convincing election victory of 11 seats to 4 seats against the government at the time N.P.P. then seemly one of the first order of business of the day and probably the biggest accomplishment of that government was to introduce to the people, they say they care about the mark of the Breast.

They went and transform the electoral system getting rid of old machines and bringing in new machines and in the process probably ignorantly on their part fulfilled prophecy of Revelation, chapter 13: verses 16-18. The old system that brought them such transparent victory, for the mark of the breast.

Could someone from the N.D.C party tell the Grenadian people why they did that then? I believe I know the answer to that question and more and it’s all about money and selling of the people’s soul ignorantly or with full knowledge. They want to keep up with the Jones as the common saying goes and do everything, Europe and other powerful countries and world bodies dictate seemingly thinking that these groups are all knowing and all powerful. Only almighty God the father of the Lord Jesus Christ and creator of us all is such – ‘not man.

Most politicians today are expired, they don’t know, love and obey God so we have the democracy/demoncrazy we see today. I support the move and attitude of the British people to exit the E.U. They may not have it all right but it is the first step in what could be the right direction.

I call for other countries worldwide to come out of these unholy and ungodly unions especially with Europe in what I call “The Come out of Babylon Movement. They are selling the people of the world souls. Doom is the destiny of the peoples under them and this fast rising new world order.

All the elements of the mark of the beast era and the final moments of mankind’s reign and dominion are here. According to Bible prophecy, which the new world order elements hate and is being fulfilled right now, we have the mark the breast, in the form of this new voters I.D. card and soon to come the national I.D. card and possible microchip, the Anti-Christ and false prophet, the return of Sodom, by legalising Homosexual marriages and the worldwide call for the same, the pestilences Zika, Chic-V, etc, beheading, wars, famine just to name a few.

These are perilous times and will only get worst. The word that the Lord gave to me for this era is “Repent” and the call he gave is to “come out of Babylon”. Until the end of time, God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

However, the Spirit of the age working through our leaders are calling for all to be on board with these systems they are implementing. They have forsaken man’s manual for life, the Holy Bible thus creating the mess we are in. We are in constitutional reform mode here and now in Grenada. They are calling for all unregistered persons to get registered.

I won’t be getting registered since it will be a violation of my human rights based on my Biblical belief. If I get registered now I will be taking the mark of the beast and that’s a no, no for Christians and any other Bible believing groups in society.

Just as other groups in our society wants to be recognised, respected and their human rights protected regardless of how dirty it is, and they are being tolerated and I believe soon to be granted their rights in the reform constitution, I am asking that my human rights be recognised, respected and protected also and persons like myself with similar views.

I am not being registered and taking the mark of the beast to be in this conscienceless E government data base that can’t feel for people, “The Beast”.

Put in the Constitution reform, legislation that will allow for me and persons like myself with similar views to use all the old I.D. cards before this new one.

Free us from persecution and legal actions from the state and individuals, protect our constitutional and human rights also. Selah.

Derick Sealey

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