Democracy Grenada style

We live in a one-party state with which most people appear not to be concerned about or happy to live/survive in…..some claim that this is DEMOCRACY.

I read a definition of “democracy” that stated “it is government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

What does “of” the people” mean? Bricks are made of sand and cement and water. Tea is made of water and leaves or bark and sweetener if you have a likeness for sweet.

Whatever the final product, you know its source or base. Can we say that this government is OF the people (we)? What do the fifteen people share with one hundred thousand? Do they share the same beliefs, dreams, hopes, aspirations and philosophies of majority of the population they claim to represent?

In most countries, people are elected by many persons who are tricked, bribed or intimidated to “vote” for certain candidates they know nothing about or people of dubious character.

They are often given promises of “better days are coming”. Many countries demand that the electorate must be literate before they are allowed to vote; recognising the importance of the right to vote.

Many voters openly “sell” their votes as they claim that they will vote for the individual/party that can give them something.

In the Caribbean we are familiar with “rum and corned beef or roti”…..It is unfortunate that in many communities these people form the majority and elect people they are “paid” to vote for. This they say is free and fair election.

Ordinary people offer themselves as candidates and decide that they will decide what is right and fitting for all the people. They never assess the NEEDS of the people….it is what is in their own interest and what may help them to improve their personal well-being.

It is interesting to observe how quickly these politicians become omnipotent and even distance themselves from the people who voted for them.

Every country in the Caribbean has a two party government system except Grenada and Cuba! How can this be democracy?

How can such a government call for a Constitutional change when ninety nine percent of the population never saw a copy of the Constitution of Grenada? But this is Democracy Grenada style!

The Country Man

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