Do not wreck your life for a few minutes of what? Fun?  Pleasure?

I have often heard it said that the young have to learn from their own mistakes – and there is some truth in this. They barge ahead without listening to anyone. So why write a word of caution? Why bother?

It is just so sad to see so many young people – and older ones too- totally wrecking their lives for a few moments of wrong and lack of control.  If one or two young ladies or young men stay in control, do not get a teenage or unwanted pregnancy, or it holds back an arm that would have used a cutlass or a gun to kill someone – then the words would be worthwhile.

Taking alcohol first – many would have seen on T.V. the story of a young girl who was raped while so drunk, so that she did not know. The judge gave only six months to the youth for this crime. I would like to remind young girls that drinking so much that you become comatose leaves you so vulnerable – and the male judges judge you very severely.

I would say, before going out make up your mind to have only one drink, and nurse it all night, or pour some of it away, stay in control of yourself, let no one take advantage of you. Know how much you can drink safely – it is a lot less than you think.

To the young boys too – you may not know that binge drinking can land you in the hospital, or even kill you. You may get involved with an undesirable girl, who gives you a disease that can make you very sick, take away your ability to ever have children, and cause insanity, and even death. Too much alcohol can give you high blood pressure that can ruin your kidneys and heart.

To all I would say, remember that alcohol is not good for the human body, except in small amounts of wine for the body. Constant excessive use can make you an alcoholic, and alcoholics usually cause a good deal of pain in their families. I know of some who had alcoholics in the family, who took the ‘pledge’ of teetotalism – if you never have one drink, you will not become an alcoholic.


Drugs are rubbish. Why waste money on them, and then pretend to be poor? They addle your brain, so you can never reach the potential you may have had. Yes, I know that educated people use them too – it still applies – it is the stupidity of thinking that you alone would not get addicted and end up on skid row. And not knowing that the first dose of cocaine can kill you, at the age of 17, even.  SAY NO!

I am blessed with someone who does not like parties at all. I would wonder why – then was told – they do wife swapping. All kinds of things happen at parties, so stay away. Stay home and watch the Olympics on T.V. have a special meal with family and friends, stay safe and happy!   What is FUN? It is not ruining your life.

A FEW WORDS TO THE MENTALLY CHALLENGED. If you are feeling a strong urge to kill – STOP  AND THINK!

(1). Did you really want to be a murderer?  It is wrong to take the life of someone who did not have a chance to repent and turn to God.

(2). Do you really want to go to prison? It is not worth it.

Turn to Jesus Christ, and ask the Holy Spirit to take control of your life, and stay sane and healthy.

H. Sylvester

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